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Important Latest News -

Eze Europe Limited - Guilty

11th January 2018 - Court Hearing In Birmingham

Mr Dominic o'Reilly admitted being Guilty to recklessly enagaged in commercial practice, namely the sale of Concierge Lifestyle Packages.

Timeshare Help is here to assist you in claiming back what you have paid for these memberships from Eze Europe Ltd & any Timeshare companies who have made empty promises simply in order to make a sale, and increase their commissions, with little or no regard for you or your family.

We could also terminate your timeshare contract.


Who can make a Eze Europe Ltd Claim

We are now accepting inquiries and claims from clients of Eze Europe Ltd, we can assist you if you have been mis lead or manipulated by anyone associated with this company, we are only going to accept a small number of cases, so please ensure you contact us immediately.

Which timeshare companies can I claim against?

In simple terms, almost any. If you have been pressured in anyway to purchase a timeshare then you are entitled to make a claim.

We are all aware of the pressured selling techniques put into place by these companies, and the ways they pushed to take deposits for timeshares was unfair. If you paid any amount as a deposit on your UK credit card then you are eligible to make a NO WIN NO FEE claim.

Please be aware that not all timeshares were mis-sold but we can assess your timeshare and help you claim if mis-representation has taken place.


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