Avante fractional owners contacted

08:09 15/09/2015

Timeshare Help has learned that our clients have been receiving correspondence from a firm called Highpoint Trustees Limited following the announcement that Avante Group Leisure Group Holdings Ltd and Avante Ltd have ceased trading. Avante took over from Shakespeare Classic Line, a scam operated by 2 company directors who were imprisoned

Mr and Mrs B, North Wales

14:09 14/09/2015

We were sold a timeshare by Club Class in 2011 when we thought it would be a good purchase. We paid £2,462.89 on our Barclaycard. It was 3 years later that we realised we no longer wanted to keep it. After looking at our options and trying to cancel the contract

Selling your timeshare

09:09 14/09/2015

The most visited page on a certain timeshare users' support website is entitled 'How to Sell Your Timeshare'. This is for a good reason. Most timeshare users seeking support are actually seeking help in ridding themselves from what has turned into a millstone around their neck. Most of the advice given to

Contacting timeshare clubs

15:09 11/09/2015

If you have grown disillusioned with your timeshare experience, perhaps the logical thing to do is to contact your club to try to find a resolution to any problems you may have. With most other industries, this usually works since companies want to keep consumers happy. But the timeshare industry is

Mr S, Hertfordshire

09:09 11/09/2015

My partner and I were sold a timeshare from TFS Concierge SL in Tenerife. It always seems like a good idea when you're there in the situation, listening to sales people claim that they're doing you a favour by offering you such a good deal which just happened to only

Timeshare debt collectors

15:09 10/09/2015

Timeshare clubs have had to resort to debt collection agencies in order to intimidate people into paying the maintenance contract fees. This is because timeshare owners are getting so fed up with these ever increasing fees that they think non-payment is their best option. It has been estimated that most UK

Timeshare maintenance fees

10:09 10/09/2015

Almost all timeshare purchases come with a maintenance fee to be paid every year – sometimes monthly – whether you are able to visit your resort or not. These fees go towards paying for the general maintenance of the resort, hence their name. They vary according to the size and location

Mr and Mrs V, Sunderland

16:09 09/09/2015

We were signed up to a Diamond Resorts ownership in 2006 and thought we would be able to have lovely holidays abroad when we wanted. The Diamond Resorts sales representatives had told us it would be cheaper to holiday with them than to pay for a holiday of similar quality

How to get out of your timeshare without losing your home

10:09 09/09/2015

Getting involved in timeshare can be an extremely expensive exercise. Here at Timeshare Help, we have sadly had a number of clients who have got themselves so far into timeshare debt that they find themselves losing their cars, their homes and even their marriages. We have had people approach us who

Timeshare transparency

15:09 08/09/2015

Transparency is not exactly the first word most would use in connection with timeshare. The industry is known for its lack of clear information, to timeshare owners and other stakeholders. A number of timeshare clubs refuse to tell the truth about their financial states, presenting themselves as stable and even thriving.