Mr and Mrs Q, Yorkshire

10:09 08/09/2015

Diamond Resorts sold us our timeshare in 2005 and we were then convinced to upgrade our membership in 2007 because we could never manage to book the time that we'd paid for. We wanted to cancel our membership after a few years of having trouble every time we attempted to book

Avante Group ceases trading

14:09 07/09/2015

Over the summer, the Avante Group, which took over the Shakespeare Classic Line timeshare scam, has ceased trading. The firm has posted a notice on its website, saying that despite recent restructuring, the firm is “no longer in a position to operate the holiday ownerships”. It means that all Avante timeshare owners

The unique problems of timeshare

09:09 07/09/2015

Timeshare is a unique industry which presents equally unique problems to consumers. Amongst them is the lack of transparency, the high pressure aggressive sales pitches used to convinced buyers and the clubs' often complete disinterest in owners' experiences. The timeshare industry has a problem with being upfront with owners and potential

Mr and Mrs M, Berkshire

13:09 04/09/2015

Westgate convinced us that we should buy a timeshare in 2003 when we were young. We were obviously a bit naïve, not really knowing much about timeshare or how it all worked. They made us think we would end up saving money to go to Las Vegas every year. We know

Holiday clubs

09:09 04/09/2015

Holiday clubs (also known as discount travel clubs) have proved to be the most fraudulent sector of the timeshare industry. More than 50 of them have existed over the last decade with a large percentage of them being scams. It is estimated that up to £2 billion has been stolen

Timeshare pressure selling

15:09 03/09/2015

The majority of timeshare owners have been pressured into buying their time or points, according to the experiences of Timeshare Help clients. Many of them are in the same boat, having being mis-sold a timeshare. It is often said that timeshare is not bought but sold and that certainly does appear

Why you can't sell your timeshare

09:09 03/09/2015

Are you trying to sell your timeshare? Are you finding that it is just about impossible to do so? There are many reasons for this but chief amongst them is the fact that there are just too many timeshare sellers out there. The few who are actually interested in buying a

Mr and Mrs B, Manchester

14:09 02/09/2015

Pearly Grey Ocean Club approached us on our holiday in Tenerife in 2009 with the offer of a timeshare. They made it sound so appealing we didn't even realise that it was timeshare. The sales reps are very good at dressing it up and making it sound like something different. We

Trying to book your timeshare holiday

09:09 02/09/2015

Trying to book your time away to use your timeshare week or spend your points can often be the most difficult and trying part of membership. This is not going to be explained to you in the beginning, however. Timeshare sales reps will tell you that you can get away at

Timeshare termination

15:09 01/09/2015

Timeshare clubs are not known for their empathy and flexibility in accommodating owners' changing circumstances. If you've tried to terminate your maintenance contract by directly approaching your club, chances are that you've been denied. If you have attempted this and had no success, contact Timeshare Help to find out if we