Mr P, Norfolk

11:09 01/09/2015

I had owned a timeshare with Club Greece and was considering selling it. Incentive Leisure Group offered to buy it on the condition that I purchase a holiday ownership from them and I agreed, putting the cost on my UK credit card. I was told that I could if I accepted

Perpetuity in timeshare maintenance contracts

08:09 01/09/2015

Recently the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that any contract signed in perpetuity in the country was null and void. This includes timeshare maintenance contracts. If you have a timeshare maintenance contract, however, you'll know that this has not prevented clubs from sticking this clause onto contracts. Timeshare Help has received hundreds of

Timeshare fraud

14:08 28/08/2015

The entire timeshare industry has been tarred with the fraud brush. Although not every club is a scam, a disproportionate number of them have stolen money from people. Although most clubs have mis-represented the facts of timeshare ownership to potential buyers, not all of them have actually gone out of their

Mr P, Bristol

11:08 28/08/2015

I bought a timeshare from Sunterra and wanted to sell it. Global Vacations Limited offered to buy it from me if I bought a timeshare from them. I went ahead with the sale because it seemed like a good deal. But it turned out to be a mistake. Instead of getting

How do you get out of a timeshare contract

09:08 28/08/2015

Timeshare law dictates that if an owner is over the age of 75 or has medical issues preventing them travelling, their contract can be cancelled. However, most timeshare clubs have histories of not adhering to these rules. A huge number of Timeshare Help clients have told us that they have tried

Mrs M, Staffordshire

11:08 27/08/2015

We bought a timeshare from Crown Resorts at the Club Marbella resort. The sales team made it sound like a wonderful idea. We would be able to get away every year to a beautiful resort just outside of Marbella. At the time, it sounded like exactly what we wanted. Our

Maintenance contract controversy

07:08 27/08/2015

Maintenance contract fees are frequently the most complained about aspect of timeshare ownership. They have proved to be very controversial, with rulings having recently been made on their legality. Most people who want to get out of their timeshares have cited promises not being kept and maintenance contract fees as their

Mr O, London

11:08 26/08/2015

I had bought a timeshare from Orange Lake Resorts in Florida in 2008. They convinced me that it was something that would make my life easier and that I would save money on trips to Florida if I accepted their offer. My purchase – which cost me £8,858.79 – would

Cancel a timeshare purchase

08:08 26/08/2015

If you want to cancel a timeshare purchase after your cooling off period, your club will of course make it as difficult as it can for you to cancel it. They have locked you in to an annual maintenance fee, which means that they would not be willing to have you

Will your timeshare leave you with a lifetime of debt?

15:08 25/08/2015

It is possible for timeshare ownerships to be a cost-effective way of holidaying for some people. However, for most people, it just becomes a way of throwing money away. The first payment in a timeshare ownership is typically a large deposit for the pleasure of becoming a member. Then you will