Mrs C, Derbyshire

11:08 25/08/2015

My husband and I bought an exclusive red timeshare membership with Exclusive Club in 2010 for £3,950. We'd been given the hard sell and eventually ended up thinking it sounded like a good idea. They promised us a lot of things that sounded great, like cheaper flights and the chance to

Cancelling a timeshare

08:08 25/08/2015

If you are unhappy with your timeshare purchase for whatever reason – perhaps you can never book your holiday or your resort is not what you thought you were signing up for – there are few options available for you to cancel your timeshare. Clubs usually refuse to take it back

Biggest challenge in timeshare

16:08 24/08/2015

The biggest challenge in the timeshare industry is getting out of the unfair and binding contracts that the clubs are so fond of tying people into. If you decide you're not happy with your timeshare ownership, you may try to get your club to release you from your contract. Unfortunately, timeshare clubs

Mr and Mrs P, Bedfordshire

12:08 24/08/2015

Back in 2011, we were convinced to buy a timeshare with Club La Costa, also known as CLC World. We were not in any condition to make a rational decision because Club La Costa had been plying us with alcohol all day while we were listening to their sales pitch. By

Hidden timeshare costs

08:08 24/08/2015

If you think that paying off your credit card or finance agreement is the only cost involved in timeshare ownership, you would be unfortunately mistaken. A huge number of people sign up to a timeshare without being informed of the annual maintenance fees which have to be paid for most contracts.

Timeshare clubs' use of social media

14:08 21/08/2015

Timeshare clubs are all over social media. They use the medium to post photographs of their resorts and surrounding areas. It makes for good advertising, seeing these stunning pictures and thinking you might like to end up on a holiday at such a beautiful place. Their resorts are always shown from

Mrs W, Greater Manchester

11:08 21/08/2015

Our timeshare was bought from Diamond Resorts in 2011, who we now know are a huge name in the industry. We also know that they have received a lot of complaints. We ended up wanting to get rid of our timeshare because we felt we had been lied to just to

Why is timeshare a bad investment?

08:08 21/08/2015

When you are approached to sign a timeshare contract, you will likely be told that it is a wonderful investment and that you'll be able to make money from it. If you're here on our website, we probably don't have to tell you that this is not true. You will be

Advance timeshare fees

15:08 20/08/2015

If you are ever asked to pay an advance fee for something relating to your timeshare – for example, to advertise it for sale or for a transfer of ownership – it is best to look at that with extreme scepticism. Reputable companies will not ask for a payment until they

Mr and Mrs M, Lancashire

11:08 20/08/2015

We were sold our timeshare by Club La Costa in 2006 but we were told in 2007 that we had to upgrade our membership to be able to carry on accessing the benefits and holidays that we thought we had paid for. We wanted to continue with our membership. We did