How to legally dispose of a timeshare

08:08 20/08/2015

If you've purchased a timeshare in the last 10 years, we may be able to help you legally dispose of your timeshare. We are specialists in terminating maintenance contracts as well as making no win no fee claims for the money you have spent on the timeshare. If you want to

Options for getting out of timeshare

14:08 19/08/2015

So you've realised that you want to get out of your timeshare but you're not sure how to go about it. Unfortunately your options are fairly limited. You could try to sell it to another buyer but the market is flooded with timeshares for sale. You'd be lucky if you managed to

Mr and Mrs M, Gwent

12:08 19/08/2015

Club La Costa sold us our Fractional Property Owners Club timeshare in 2013. It took us little over a year to decide that we didn't want to remain members because we experienced terrible customer service and we were worried about the level of care we would be given throughout our

Timeshare scam help

09:08 19/08/2015

Were you scammed into buying a timeshare? Were you perhaps scammed into buying a second timeshare or upgrading your original one? Timeshare Help could be your best option for getting your money back and your maintenance contract terminated. We have so far had a great rate of success with both services. We

NTOA to release timeshare report findings

15:08 18/08/2015

The USA's National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) is next month (September) set to release its findings from a report into the latest consumer attitudes toward timeshare. The first of its kind Timeshare Owners Study is based on more than 500,000 online mentions of selected keywords throughout 2014 that were collected and

Mrs O, Hertfordshire

11:08 18/08/2015

My husband and I were originally Club La Costa points holders when we were approached by Incentive Leisure Group to transfer ownership to them. This was as long as we bought an Incentive Leisure Group holiday membership. We agreed and went ahead with the transfer. Incentive Leisure Group promised to deal with

The no win no fee claim process

08:08 18/08/2015

Timeshare Help aims to claim back money spent on bad timeshare 'investments' on a no win no fee basis as well as terminate maintenance contracts, which can cost up to £2,000 every year for the rest of your life. We can offer these services by presenting a case of misrepresentation to

Termination of timeshare contract

15:08 17/08/2015

Timeshare Help could provide you, as our client, a service offering the termination of your timeshare contract. If we successfully terminate your maintenance contract, you will be free from the cost of these annual fees forever. We can offer this service through our experienced team of lawyers who have so far

Mr W, Staffordshire

13:08 17/08/2015

My partner's and my Pueblo Evita Resort timeshare was sold to us in 2003. We were a bit apprehensive about the idea since we had heard all the negative things about timeshares. But the sales team were so persuasive that we were convinced. It was a few years later that we

Walking away from timeshare

08:08 17/08/2015

Some owners have just got so fed up with the idea of timeshare and the costs of maintenance contracts that they have decided to just walk away from their timeshare altogether. In doing this, they are leaving themselves open to the threat of legal action. Many people have made the decision to