Timeshare sales reps

14:08 16/08/2015

Timeshare representatives can be extremely pushy, which often succeeds in baiting people into their sales pitches. The story is usually the same – you're on holiday in Tenerife, Greece, Malta or anywhere with a beach and you're approached by a charming individual offering you a scratch card. You discover that you've

Timeshare advice

10:08 16/08/2015

There is a real lack of quality advice available to timeshare owners. There are organisations supposedly dedicated to helping owners out there – including TATOC and RDO – but these are known to be largely biased in favour of their sponsors, resulting in subjective advice, tailored in favour of these sponsors,

Timeshare claims

11:08 15/08/2015

Timeshare Help could offer you our no win no fee claim for getting back the money you have spent on a timeshare membership. If you purchased the timeshare on your UK credit card or through a finance agreement and it was done in the last 10 years, we could have

Resale scam firms targeting timeshare owners

15:08 14/08/2015

A significant amount of Timeshare Help clients have informed us that they have been approached by various companies attempting to take their timeshares off their hands. One of our clients – Mr M – purchased a Westgate timeshare in Florida but has been receiving phone calls from a company based in

Mr and Mrs D, London

11:08 14/08/2015

We bought a timeshare from Diversified Resorts in 2012 because we thought the Sunset Beach Club was a beautiful resort. We paid a deposit immediately because we never knew of any cooling off period. We paid £3,800 for a 5-year membership. We would also be paying £350 a year in maintenance

The maintenance contract termination process

07:08 14/08/2015

At Timeshare Help, we specialise in terminating the maintenance contracts of people in the UK who have regretted the purchase of a timeshare and are now stuck with annual fees of sometimes extortionate amounts. Here, we detail the process of our maintenance contract termination service. Following your initial contact with us, whether that's

Timeshare maintenance fees increasing

15:08 13/08/2015

Typically, timeshare maintenance fees increase when owners decide to terminate their contracts, leaving a shortfall in annual revenue. Many Timeshare Help clients have complained to us that they were never told their maintenance fees would increase and are frustrated when they end up paying far more than they ever intended to. If

Mr and Mrs H, Manchester

12:08 13/08/2015

We purchased a timeshare at the Royal Tenerife Country Club from Diamond Resorts because we thought it would be a beautiful place to spend our holidays. We were convinced that it would be a great financial decision because it would save us money. We hardly ever managed to get the time

Why timeshare is seen as a scam

09:08 13/08/2015

Timeshares are often perceived as a scam, even if a club has not set out deliberately to defraud consumers. This is largely because they require you to spend a huge amount of money on a product that you don't fully own. As well as forking over thousands upon thousands for the

Endless timeshare sales pitches

15:08 12/08/2015

Sales pitches don't end when you sign a timeshare contract. In fact, that is just when they begin. There are upgrade pitches, resale pitches and transfer pitches as well as your standard pitch for a second ownership. Once you have bought your timeshare and are all ready to book your first holiday