Timeshare resale

15:07 30/07/2015

Here at Timeshare Help, we have unfortunately heard from many different clients who have said that they were scammed into buying a second timeshare. These timeshare resale scams typically involve a company cold calling an owner to ask whether they are interesting in selling their timeshare. Since – as has been

Miss C, Lancashire

13:07 30/07/2015

My partner and I purchased a timeshare with Exclusive Club in 2010 but we later found out that they had mis-represented the facts to us. They did not tell us we were entitled to a cooling off period, during which we could've changed our minds and cancelled the contract. They didn't

Unpaid timeshare maintenance fees

09:07 30/07/2015

With timeshare maintenance contract fees increasing all the time, it may seem like one of the only options available for owners is to simply stop paying. There is a huge number of owners who have stopped paying their annual fees. It has been estimated at certain clubs that up to 40%

Fractional ownership

15:07 29/07/2015

Fractional ownership originated in the USA during the early 2000s and spread across the globe. Europe has not taken it up as quickly as some regions. Fractional ownership retains many of the same aspects of timeshare, including ownership of a holiday destination, vehicle of some sort or vessel on a shared

Mr W, Hampshire

12:07 29/07/2015

We bought a timeshare from Porto Azzurro in 2007 and were immediately unsettled by the idea. We had to pay a deposit immediately and weren't allowed any time to change our minds. But we thought that because we had signed the timeshare contract, we had to stick with it. We were

How to get out of your timeshare contract

09:07 29/07/2015

If you are struggling to pay your ever increasing maintenance contract fees, you may be able to get out of your timeshare contract. Timeshare Help are specialists in terminating maintenance contracts and claiming money back for people who have been mis-sold timeshares. We could offer you legal protection from any timeshare

Mrs B, Surrey

15:07 28/07/2015

I was the owner of one timeshare which I was considering selling. I was then approached by 2 different companies – Vision of the World and BIC Leisure SL – offering to take it off my hands as long as I bought one of theirs. It sounded like a good deal

Timeshare cancellation help

11:07 28/07/2015

At Timeshare Help, we aim to do what we can to help people cancel their timeshare contracts and hopefully get money back after they have paid out thousands of pounds to purchase time at a resort that they may not even be able to use. Cancelling timeshare maintenance contracts is our

How timeshare works

09:07 28/07/2015

Timeshare was originally created with the intention of people sharing the cost of owning a holiday apartment by only buying the time period that they wanted. The ability to exchange your week/s with another user somewhere else in the world was then added to the system. Timeshare companies started out by

Maintenance contract termination

14:07 27/07/2015

Timeshare Help offers a maintenance contract termination service as well as a no win no fee claim service to recover money spent on bad timeshare 'investments'. The cost of maintenance contracts are sometimes very difficult to judge since they are known to increase without warning. Here at Timeshare Help we have