Help to cancel a timeshare

11:02 12/02/2016

Timeshare became popular in the UK during the 1980s, with huge numbers of people taking up the opportunity to own specific weeks at holiday apartments around the world. Spain and Portugal were particularly popular destinations, with the Canary Islands featuring prominently. When these people decided to go ahead with their purchases, it

Timeshare intimidation

12:02 09/02/2016

Feeling intimidated by timeshare sales teams is not uncommon. There have been many reports by Timeshare Help clients of feeling that they were unable to end the meeting or even leave the room they were in because they felt too afraid. This can be down to various reasons. Sometimes there are

Timeshare termination options

13:02 05/02/2016

If you have been struggling with a timeshare ownership, it is possible that we could help you get yourself out of it. Here at Timeshare Help, we specialise in timeshare termination, which means that we could get you out of your ownership. There are many obstacles that timeshare clubs put in front

The money involved in timeshare

10:02 03/02/2016

Timeshare has become a joke around the world for very good reason. It has turned out to be one of the best ways of getting money out of people without actually having to provide much of a service. Apart from the sorts of cowboy rogue traders operating in various areas, such

Before you buy a timeshare

14:02 02/02/2016

There are a huge amount of things to take into consideration before signing a contract tying you into a timeshare contract for the rest of your life. They largely revolve around finances. When you agree to go ahead with a timeshare purchase, you should make sure that you are in a position

Timeshare owners

12:01 29/01/2016

The problems with timeshare contracts are myriad. And they are not just experienced by people without a great deal of worldly experience. The Timeshare Help client base is made up of people from all backgrounds, including the very well-educated and intelligent. None of us is immune to the charms and persuasiveness of

The problem with timeshare sales pitches

10:01 27/01/2016

If you are simply walking down the board walk on your holiday, the last thing you want is to be approached by a timeshare tout, trying to convince you to attend a 'short presentation' in return for a gift of some sort. Well, it should be the last thing you would

Cancelling your timeshare contract

15:01 25/01/2016

Finding your way out of a timeshare contract can be one of the most difficult things you do in your lifetime. This is because the clubs responsible for selling these memberships tie people in to an eternity of payments. Timeshare maintenance contracts can tie owners in forever. When a maintenance contract

Long standing timeshare problems

13:01 23/01/2016

Timeshare has presented a problem since its inception. And it is continuing to do so. From confusion around what the owner is actually buying to concern when they are unable to book their holidays, timeshare proves a difficult concept to many. And this tends to stay unclear for the length of the

Cancel my timeshare

15:01 21/01/2016

If 'cancel my timeshare' are some of the first words that pop into your head in the mornings – along with 'coffee', 'kids to school' and 'meeting with management this afternoon' – then it is no surprise you have ended up on this page. It is no surprise that those are