Mr W, Manchester

11:07 27/07/2015

Club La Costa sold my partner and me a timeshare, financed through Barclays Partner Finance in 2008. We had been approached by a sales representative from Club La Costa, who made us a lot of fantastic promises. The deal sounded great and we were won over. At the time we were

Timeshare pressure selling

08:07 27/07/2015

Timeshare companies are known for their pressure selling techniques. They are so well-known for it that jokes are frequently made about it. They often use extreme tactics to persuade people to buy their timeshares, including wearing people down, plying them with alcohol and introducing some very intimidating men. Once they have

Timeshare falsehoods

12:07 24/07/2015

If you have bought a timeshare based on falsehoods presented to you by an aggressive sales team, Timeshare Help may be able to win back the money you spent as well as try to get your maintenance contract cancelled. We are able to do this on the grounds of mis-representation. Making

Mrs W, Yorkshire

10:07 24/07/2015

My husband and I purchased a Silver Lake Resort timeshare in Florida in 2006, thinking it would be a good investment. I was swayed by the thought of spending my holidays in the Florida sun, and the sales representatives promised us everything under the sun when he got us to

How Timeshare Help works

07:07 24/07/2015

Here at Timeshare Help, we specialise in two services: maintenance contract termination and no win no fee claims to recover money paid to purchase your timeshare or holiday club membership. When the amounts spent on timeshare can run into the tens of thousands of pounds and maintenance contracts can be classified

Mr and Mrs W, Blackpool

15:07 23/07/2015

Our timeshare experience turned into an utter nightmare. We bought a timeshare from Grandview at Las Vegas on our UK credit card but didn't benefit from any cooling off period. We are now too old, at 75 and 76 years old, to travel to the USA to even make use of

Maintenance contracts

13:07 23/07/2015

Timeshare companies are guilty of squeezing money out of customers even after they have paid their upfront costs for their holidays. Annual timeshare maintenance contracts can cost thousands and are used to supposedly keep the holiday resorts running well – repairs and cleaning costs are paid from maintenance contracts. However, have

ASA upholds Timeshare Refund UK complaint

11:07 23/07/2015

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has upheld a complaint against timeshare 'resale' website The website promises that the firm Timeshare Refund UK will get “rid of your timeshare and relieve you of all maintenance and membership fees,” adding that they have “helped countless timeshare owners and reclaimed over £3.5m last

Voyager Holiday Club Scam Membership

10:06 19/06/2015

Here at Timeshare Help we are committed to helping our clients claim back monies on timeshares that were sold in an unethical and misleading fashion. If you purchased your timeshare in the last 6 years and used a credit card for some or all of the payment, you may be entitled

Reclaim Ltd Scam

10:06 19/06/2015

One of the many ways in which Reclaim Ltd scam people into purchasing a holiday or travel club membership is through their "Reclaim Certificate" schemes. The Reclaim Ltd sales representative promises that you the consumer will get all of your money paid back to you in a few years time, normally in