Get rid of timeshare

12:12 02/12/2015

If you want to get rid of your timeshare, we here at Timeshare Help know that you have likely had a real struggle before you've contacted us. We have dealt with enough clubs and had enough clients confirm their actions to know how they operate. Our team has a huge amount

Mis-sold timeshare costs

12:12 01/12/2015

A mis-sold timeshare can cause untold misery in a person's life. As well as costing well into the thousands of pounds, they will also come with costly maintenance contracts, which have to be paid regardless of whether you can afford it. Here at Timeshare Help, we have won refunds of £28,005

Complaints about timeshare

12:11 30/11/2015

Where do you go when you have a complaint about your timeshare experience? Your resort? Your timeshare club? Most would think these places are where to go first. But we here at Timeshare Help have heard from a shockingly large amount of people who have told us that when they approach

Poor quality resorts

12:11 29/11/2015

Here at Timeshare Help, we have heard a huge amount of complaints about the quality of accommodation of various timeshare resorts around Europe and the world. Some of our clients have told us that once they had signed up for their timeshare, they were given badly maintained rooms with terrible views

Scammed by timeshare twice

12:11 28/11/2015

A shocking amount of people have been scammed into buying a second timeshare agreement from unscrupulous firms eager to prey on easy targets. A significant amount of Timeshare Help clients have told us that they signed up for a timeshare contract after being pressured by aggressive sales reps. After realising that

How you could be released from a timeshare contract in weeks

12:11 27/11/2015

Timeshare Help knows of thousands upon thousands of people unhappy with their timeshare agreements. This can be for a variety of reasons. Some can no longer afford the maintenance contract fee, some find it impossible to book their holidays, whilst others have seen their circumstances change and can no longer

Resigning a timeshare membership

11:11 27/11/2015

If you've purchased a timeshare and have not been happy with it, some clubs may provide a way to resign ownership. However, you'd be very lucky to have this built into your contract and it would likely only be for owners over the age of 75 or those who have

Timeshare transfers

12:11 26/11/2015

As much as timeshare companies are scam artists, perhaps the worst offenders are firms which say they will buy your timeshare from you if you buy one of their 'better' ones. A lot of people are so desperate to get rid of their troublesome timeshares that they will jump at any

EU timeshare action

13:11 25/11/2015

The European Commission, the EU's executive body, has made a number of rulings and proposed a directive, which the European Parliament and Council have put into place, on timeshares. These are meant to protect consumers. The Commission's Directive 2008/122/EC legislates that a contract must be “in writing, on paper or on

Lack of timeshare cost transparency

12:11 24/11/2015

A number of timeshare clubs and even resale companies think it is best to avoid mentioning costs until they already have you on the hook. Think back to when you signed your timeshare contract. Were you shown all the incredible places you could go and told that signing up would save