Timeshare help

11:11 23/11/2015

Here at Timeshare Help, we pride ourselves on acting as a champion for people who have been victims of mis-sold timeshares. A shockingly large number of people have been scammed into buying a timeshare – and then potentially scammed again into buying another or paying an upfront fee to a company

Contacting a timeshare club

12:11 22/11/2015

Unfortunately, timeshare clubs are only contactable when they want to be. If you want to speak to them about a problem you're having with your timeshare experience, it may be an impossible task to find the right person to deal with your complaint. If you want to cancel your timeshare within

Timeshare popularity decrease

14:11 21/11/2015

Timeshares were particularly popular in Europe in the 1960s since escalating property prices made it difficult to own one's own holiday home. In the last few decades, the quality provided by timeshare resorts has drastically diminished, leaving what was once five-star resorts at levels more suited to three-star. In the 1980s and

Timeshare perpetuity

12:11 20/11/2015

A majority of timeshare maintenance contracts these days feature what is known as 'in perpetuity'. This means that annual fees will be expected to be paid forever, not ending with the timeshare owner's death. They will be passed on to the owner's children and then on to their children after them

Timeshare competitions

12:11 19/11/2015

If you have to attend a timeshare sales pitch after winning a holiday in a so-called 'competition', Timeshare Help would advise you to be very careful. You will need to keep your wits about you and try to avoid being conned into signing a timeshare contract that you can't afford. Although

Timeshare lies

12:11 18/11/2015

During a timeshare sales pitch, you will likely be told a whole host of convincing 'facts' which you will soon realise were falsehoods. Unfortunately, the timeshare industry is well known for its sales representatives not being very truthful. Honesty is something that is very rarely found in timeshare sales. If you think

Timeshare club websites

13:11 17/11/2015

Here at Timeshare Help, we have heard from hundreds of clients about a common trend in timeshare ownership. When you are sold a timeshare, during the timeshare sales pitch you will be able to view the club's website and look at the booking page quite clearly. This doesn't last, however. Many of

Office of Fair Trading directive

12:11 16/11/2015

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has barred certain practices favoured by the timeshare sales industry. In a directive issued in 2008 – which was adopted by the OFT's superseding agency the Competition and Markets Authority – the Office banned misleading customers just to encourage them to purchase their product. Unfortunately,

A guaranteed way to throw your money away

11:11 15/11/2015

If you've ever wondered what a guaranteed way of losing your money would be, we at Timeshare Help can give you the answer. Timeshare. It is a certain way of throwing good money away. You can be taken in by the timeshare industry in a number of ways. It starts with

Signing a timeshare contract

11:11 14/11/2015

Getting involved in timeshare is frequently looked at as the biggest mistake of people's lives. A great number of Timeshare Help clients have told us that they will always regret making the decision to sign a timeshare contract. Otherwise intelligent people have often found themselves swayed by persuasive sales reps and