Mr W, South Glamorgan

14:11 13/11/2015

Our timeshare was bought from American firm Oasis Lakes Resorts, managed by Bluegreen Vacations. It is only because it was paid for on a UK credit card that we managed to get our maintenance contract terminated through Timeshare Help. Oasis Lakes Resorts had sold us the timeshare on the provision that

How to look out for elderly relatives or friends

10:11 12/11/2015

If you know someone who has been convinced or scammed into buying a timeshare, it might be a good idea to keep a close eye on them. This is particularly relevant if your friend or relative is elderly. As we all know, older people are more vulnerable to scam artists. This

No win no fee timeshare claims

14:11 11/11/2015

If you've purchased a timeshare on a UK credit card in the last 10 years, Timeshare Help may be able to help you claim back the money you spent on it. We are specialists in helping people reclaim the money they spent on mis-sold timeshares so your claim will be

Little-known ways to get out of timeshare

12:11 06/11/2015

There are lots of companies promising to offer you a way out of your timeshare contract. They all assure you that they can take your timeshare off your hands, whether by selling to someone else or by cancelling your ownership. These companies can look appealing. Anything that promises a release will

Mrs M, Yorkshire

14:11 05/11/2015

While we were on holiday in Lanzarote in 2005, my husband and I were sold a timeshare from Club Las Calas. It remains one of the things we most regret. We were convinced by the sales reps about how lovely it would be to have a holiday in such a beautiful

Maintenance contracts

13:11 03/11/2015

We at Timeshare Help have previously discussed the issue of timeshare maintenance contracts. Often the main reason for people wanting to cancel a timeshare contract, maintenance contracts need much description. Maintenance contract fees have to be paid every year regardless of whether the owner visits the resort. This fee, which has

Value of timeshare points

15:11 02/11/2015

If you are paying a maintenance contract for a points club timeshare membership, you will likely be throwing your money away. As with most timeshare, owning these points can be like owning nothing. Points – favoured by clubs such as Diamond Resorts – have little value in reality. Although it may

Timeshare trial membership

13:10 30/10/2015

The latest trick being peddled by timeshare companies is the idea of a trial membership. Clubs are now using it as a way of convincing you to upgrade to a full membership. A timeshare trial membership does not feature any maintenance contract fees so you are not exposed to the true

Timeshare clubs' reactions to termination

14:10 29/10/2015

As may be expected, timeshare clubs do not want to lose your business. So when they are confronted with a letter informing them of the termination of your maintenance contract, they will often ignore it. Or perhaps they might start offering you all the things they should have provided you with

What if?

14:10 27/10/2015

What if you found yourself paying thousands of pounds upfront and extra hundreds or thousands every year for a product that you could barely use? This sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? Of course it does. But it is currently happening to thousands upon thousands of people around the UK. The reason for