Sell my timeshare

16:10 26/10/2015

If you have paid a company to sell your timeshare in order to get you out of the responsibility, we don't relish informing you of this but you will almost certainly have been ripped off. These companies claim they can sell your timeshare for close to or more than what you

Mr R, Wales

14:10 23/10/2015

I contacted Timeshare Help after I realised that my Leisure Marketing timeshare had been mis-sold to me. Leisure Marketing had originally informed me that Sunset Beach Club, who I had a timeshare with, had gone bust. Leisure Marketing said they could take the matter to court and get me my

Reselling your timeshare

15:10 22/10/2015

If you are ready to give your timeshare up and cannot hand it back to your developer, you may resort to trying the resale market. However, when you venture into this market, you will likely find that you cannot sell it. You will be told that your asking price is too

Baiting you into the timeshare sales pitch

12:10 21/10/2015

Getting people to attend a timeshare sales pitch may sound like an impossible task, given the facts known about timeshare contracts, yet hundreds of thousands of people a year find themselves stuck in presentations lasting hours. Just how do the timeshare companies get these people there? The scratch card prize Someone will approach

Mr M, Warwickshire

13:10 20/10/2015

My partner and I were sold a timeshare by Azure, which we soon realised we did not want. Timeshare Help was the only company which managed to terminate our maintenance contract. We were told that the timeshare company had not informed us of a cooling off period. This is apparently something

How to get out of an unwanted timeshare purchase

13:10 19/10/2015

If you're reading this specific article on this specific website, you will likely be a timeshare victim seeking assistance. Timeshare Help could offer you exactly that assistance. We know that it is easy to find yourself taken in by a charming or perhaps pushy sales representative, promising that you'll save money

The advance fee scam

14:10 16/10/2015

Many timeshare owners have been tricked by variations on the advance fee scam. It involves convincing people to pay an upfront fee with the con artists then not delivering the promised service, whether that is a timeshare resale or cash back. Timeshare resale scams are all over the internet, which make

Mr and Mrs S, Tyneside

13:10 15/10/2015

We had been persuaded by Club La Costa to enter into a trial membership of their 'holiday ownership' product. We thought it would be a good way of getting some quality holidays without having to sign a permanent contract. But while we were on our holiday in 2010, we were approached

Timeshare ownership democracy

13:10 14/10/2015

The timeshare industry likes to claim that it is a democratically run industry, however Timeshare Help knows that this is largely untrue. Most resorts are run by the developer, which can allow them to manipulate timeshare owners' experiences to turn a greater profit. It has been estimated that only 30% of

At home on holiday

13:10 13/10/2015

As a people, us Brits are known for wanting things to be as they are at home whilst we're on holiday. We like a full English breakfast in Spain, Premier League matches in Portugal and fish and chips in Malta. It is therefore no surprise that when we are away from