Mr and Mrs B, Essex

12:10 12/10/2015

In May 2000, we bought a holiday ownership – or what we found out was just a timeshare – from Petchey Leisure. It was a while after that when we realised we were never able to actually use it. We couldn't get to book any time away because it was all

Online timeshare competitions

12:10 09/10/2015

Timeshare clubs appear to have found the internet a useful tool in recruiting new members. This has frequently been taking the form of offering competitions over social media. If you come across a competition being offered by any timeshare club, be wary. Here at Timeshare Help, we have assisted a great

Westgate denies hiding cancellation information

12:10 08/10/2015

Timeshare club Westgate Resorts has denied hiding information explaining how to cancel timeshare contracts from new buyers. Westgate has been accused of concealing the documents in a sealed compartment in the folder typically given to buyers after they have purchased a timeshare. The USA-based club's lawyer has said the documents were concealed

Mr and Mrs W, Derbyshire

12:10 07/10/2015

Financed by Barclays Partner Finance, we bought a timeshare with Azure Resorts in 2009 but they did everything wrong from the beginning. They told us that the special deal was only available that day so if we delayed in signing the timeshare contract, we wouldn't be able to get it. Looking

Getting out of timeshare

13:10 06/10/2015

Timeshare clubs like Diamond Resorts and Club La Costa are known for doing all they can to prevent owners from getting out of their timeshare contracts. Here at Timeshare Help we have dealt with these clubs, and many more, so we know exactly what we are dealing with and we know

Timeshare resale prices

14:10 05/10/2015

People have been taking to the internet to ask about the legitimacy of buying a timeshare for pennies on eBay or other websites. They are concerned that the offer of a week in the Tenerife sun every year could not come as cheap as 99p or even 25p. And their suspicions

Mr and Mrs L, Yorkshire

11:10 02/10/2015

We had been the owners of a Diamond Resorts timeshare for 10 years before we found Timeshare Help. We were really unhappy with the ownership because we hardly ever managed to take any holidays. Booking was a nightmare and if we tried to call Diamond Resorts to complain, they would

Points clubs

12:10 01/10/2015

Points clubs evolved from timeshare contracts and replaced the ownership of weeks with a kind of booking currency in points. Members bought points which they were assured they could use to get them the accommodation during the time period they wanted. They were told that the more points they bought, the

Timeshare owners take to social media to sell

12:09 30/09/2015

Current timeshare owners have started using social media platforms to try to sell their timeshares to new buyers. They have to compete with the spam accounts listing endless timeshares for sale, however, so it is easy for them to get lost in the timeline. Although there are a number of organisations attempting

Mr and Mrs C, Kent

11:09 29/09/2015

In 2004 we agreed to sign a contract for a holiday ownership with the Palms Country Club and Resort Condominium Association, part of Diamond Resorts. We ended up never being able to book our holidays so we realised we were spending money on something we could never use. We had been