Timeshare trial membership

13:10 30/10/2015

The latest trick being peddled by timeshare companies is the idea of a trial membership. Clubs are now using it as a way of convincing you to upgrade to a full membership. A timeshare trial membership does not feature any maintenance contract fees so you are not exposed to the true

The advance fee scam

14:10 16/10/2015

Many timeshare owners have been tricked by variations on the advance fee scam. It involves convincing people to pay an upfront fee with the con artists then not delivering the promised service, whether that is a timeshare resale or cash back. Timeshare resale scams are all over the internet, which make

Avante fractional owners contacted

08:09 15/09/2015

Timeshare Help has learned that our clients have been receiving correspondence from a firm called Highpoint Trustees Limited following the announcement that Avante Group Leisure Group Holdings Ltd and Avante Ltd have ceased trading. Avante took over from Shakespeare Classic Line, a scam operated by 2 company directors who were imprisoned

Avante Group ceases trading

14:09 07/09/2015

Over the summer, the Avante Group, which took over the Shakespeare Classic Line timeshare scam, has ceased trading. The firm has posted a notice on its website, saying that despite recent restructuring, the firm is “no longer in a position to operate the holiday ownerships”. It means that all Avante timeshare owners

Holiday clubs

09:09 04/09/2015

Holiday clubs (also known as discount travel clubs) have proved to be the most fraudulent sector of the timeshare industry. More than 50 of them have existed over the last decade with a large percentage of them being scams. It is estimated that up to £2 billion has been stolen

Timeshare fraud

14:08 28/08/2015

The entire timeshare industry has been tarred with the fraud brush. Although not every club is a scam, a disproportionate number of them have stolen money from people. Although most clubs have mis-represented the facts of timeshare ownership to potential buyers, not all of them have actually gone out of their

Advance timeshare fees

15:08 20/08/2015

If you are ever asked to pay an advance fee for something relating to your timeshare – for example, to advertise it for sale or for a transfer of ownership – it is best to look at that with extreme scepticism. Reputable companies will not ask for a payment until they

Timeshare scam help

09:08 19/08/2015

Were you scammed into buying a timeshare? Were you perhaps scammed into buying a second timeshare or upgrading your original one? Timeshare Help could be your best option for getting your money back and your maintenance contract terminated. We have so far had a great rate of success with both services. We

Resale scam firms targeting timeshare owners

15:08 14/08/2015

A significant amount of Timeshare Help clients have informed us that they have been approached by various companies attempting to take their timeshares off their hands. One of our clients – Mr M – purchased a Westgate timeshare in Florida but has been receiving phone calls from a company based in

Why timeshare is seen as a scam

09:08 13/08/2015

Timeshares are often perceived as a scam, even if a club has not set out deliberately to defraud consumers. This is largely because they require you to spend a huge amount of money on a product that you don't fully own. As well as forking over thousands upon thousands for the