Cancelling your timeshare contract

15:01 25/01/2016

Finding your way out of a timeshare contract can be one of the most difficult things you do in your lifetime. This is because the clubs responsible for selling these memberships tie people in to an eternity of payments. Timeshare maintenance contracts can tie owners in forever. When a maintenance contract

Long standing timeshare problems

13:01 23/01/2016

Timeshare has presented a problem since its inception. And it is continuing to do so. From confusion around what the owner is actually buying to concern when they are unable to book their holidays, timeshare proves a difficult concept to many. And this tends to stay unclear for the length of the

Cancel my timeshare

15:01 21/01/2016

If 'cancel my timeshare' are some of the first words that pop into your head in the mornings – along with 'coffee', 'kids to school' and 'meeting with management this afternoon' – then it is no surprise you have ended up on this page. It is no surprise that those are

Timeshare you no longer want?

13:01 20/01/2016

Do you have a timeshare that you do not want? Have you ever attempted to hand it back to the club just to be told that they will not accept it and that you will be required to keep paying the timeshare maintenance contract fees and all other payments? Have you

How to walk away from timeshare

15:01 18/01/2016

If you have been anywhere near a timeshare sales representative, you will know that they can be slippery and sneaky. They can dodge any question in an attempt to make the sale. They will only want to ensure that they can get a good commission out of it. It is to this

Timeshare and money

11:01 15/01/2016

One of the major selling points for timeshare is the fact that it will 'save you money'. Timeshare sales representatives are prepared with numerous charts and graphs which explain in figures just how much you can save on holiday expenditure by taking on a timeshare ownership. These graphs can often confuse a

Scammed into buying a timeshare?

14:01 13/01/2016

When you realise that you have been scammed into buying a timeshare, you might feel sick. You will certainly feel upset and lied to. This is because timeshare sales representatives are known for their falsehoods, which they spout in an attempt to sell as many timeshare ownerships as they possibly can.

Timeshare tricks

12:01 11/01/2016

Timeshare has a bad reputation. And it is a deserved one. From its sneaky tricks to persuade someone to sign a timeshare contract to its tricks to keep that person bound by the contract, the industry has been dogged by bad practices for its whole existence. Amongst the biggest complaints Timeshare Help

Get out of a maintenance contract with Timeshare Help

14:01 07/01/2016

Timeshare maintenance contracts are described by sales representatives as a way of ensuring your timeshare is well looked after. They are sold as a bonus to your purchase – something to give you peace of mind that your timeshare will always be in good hands while you are unable to be

Timeshare ownership

12:01 06/01/2016

Owning a timeshare can seem like a wonderful idea. You might think that it would allow you to get away for a holiday in a beautiful resort every year with your family. But the reality is usually vastly different. It is not as cheap as the sales representatives usually make out. There are