Free timeshare?

10:01 05/01/2016

There are a number of websites out there promoting the transfer of timeshare ownerships. They claim that the timeshare will not cost you anything, that you will obtain it absolutely free. This may be true in some respects. However, before you buy into the idea (and a timeshare you may regret),

Cancelling your timeshare

14:12 22/12/2015

Are you looking for a way to cancel your timeshare? You may have come up against closed doors and refusals, leading you to think it would be impossible to cancel your timeshare. But Timeshare Help is here to tell you that it is, in fact, very possible. We are experts in timeshare

Timeshare cancellation?

13:12 18/12/2015

Timeshare appears to be one of the only industries where the world knows it is a scam yet people still find themselves convinced to get involved. This is because the people responsible for selling timeshare have rebranded it as something else entirely. This is how holiday clubs and points clubs were

Timeshare maintenance problems

15:12 17/12/2015

If you have purchased a timeshare, you may not have realised that you have purchased a maintenance contract with it. These contracts are required to be paid every year and can range in cost, from £400 right up to £3,000. Not paying your maintenance contract fee is not an option, unfortunately,

Cancelling timeshare

14:12 11/12/2015

Finding yourself stuck with a timeshare might be as easy as booking a flight to Tenerife. Sometimes that's all it takes. You could just be strolling down the boardwalk or along the beach when a very friendly and talkative individual approaches you. You might initially be suspicious, thinking it is some kind

Timeshare window dressing

15:12 10/12/2015

The appeal of timeshare is not difficult to understand. Perhaps you might not be in favour of getting away to a certain place at a certain time every year but many people around the world are. It offers people security and the promise that their annual holiday will be spent in

Timeshare cancellation is possible

15:12 09/12/2015

Timeshare cancellation is within your reach. Here at Timeshare Help, we know that timeshare cancellation is highly sought after. After all, many of our clients wish they had never got involved in timeshare in the first place. If this sounds like your experience, we would like to hear from you. We know

Terminating your timeshare

13:12 08/12/2015

Timeshare termination is often exactly what owners are looking for after they have signed up. And it frequently doesn't take long for new timeshare owners to start looking for a way out. Timeshare Help has heard from people who had signed up less than a month ago. They have sought our services

EU's fair trading directive

12:12 04/12/2015

The EU is responsible for a piece of legislation covering Europe which bans the use of misleading or aggressive sales tactics by traders. The directive prohibits the use of “aggressive commercial practices”, as well as the “use of harassment, coercion and undue influence”. Misleading actions and misleading omissions are also included

How you could be released from a timeshare contract in weeks

12:11 27/11/2015

Timeshare Help knows of thousands upon thousands of people unhappy with their timeshare agreements. This can be for a variety of reasons. Some can no longer afford the maintenance contract fee, some find it impossible to book their holidays, whilst others have seen their circumstances change and can no longer