Resigning a timeshare membership

11:11 27/11/2015

If you've purchased a timeshare and have not been happy with it, some clubs may provide a way to resign ownership. However, you'd be very lucky to have this built into your contract and it would likely only be for owners over the age of 75 or those who have

Timeshare popularity decrease

14:11 21/11/2015

Timeshares were particularly popular in Europe in the 1960s since escalating property prices made it difficult to own one's own holiday home. In the last few decades, the quality provided by timeshare resorts has drastically diminished, leaving what was once five-star resorts at levels more suited to three-star. In the 1980s and

Timeshare perpetuity

12:11 20/11/2015

A majority of timeshare maintenance contracts these days feature what is known as 'in perpetuity'. This means that annual fees will be expected to be paid forever, not ending with the timeshare owner's death. They will be passed on to the owner's children and then on to their children after them

Signing a timeshare contract

11:11 14/11/2015

Getting involved in timeshare is frequently looked at as the biggest mistake of people's lives. A great number of Timeshare Help clients have told us that they will always regret making the decision to sign a timeshare contract. Otherwise intelligent people have often found themselves swayed by persuasive sales reps and

Little-known ways to get out of timeshare

12:11 06/11/2015

There are lots of companies promising to offer you a way out of your timeshare contract. They all assure you that they can take your timeshare off your hands, whether by selling to someone else or by cancelling your ownership. These companies can look appealing. Anything that promises a release will

Timeshare clubs' reactions to termination

14:10 29/10/2015

As may be expected, timeshare clubs do not want to lose your business. So when they are confronted with a letter informing them of the termination of your maintenance contract, they will often ignore it. Or perhaps they might start offering you all the things they should have provided you with

What if?

14:10 27/10/2015

What if you found yourself paying thousands of pounds upfront and extra hundreds or thousands every year for a product that you could barely use? This sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? Of course it does. But it is currently happening to thousands upon thousands of people around the UK. The reason for

Reselling your timeshare

15:10 22/10/2015

If you are ready to give your timeshare up and cannot hand it back to your developer, you may resort to trying the resale market. However, when you venture into this market, you will likely find that you cannot sell it. You will be told that your asking price is too

How to get out of an unwanted timeshare purchase

13:10 19/10/2015

If you're reading this specific article on this specific website, you will likely be a timeshare victim seeking assistance. Timeshare Help could offer you exactly that assistance. We know that it is easy to find yourself taken in by a charming or perhaps pushy sales representative, promising that you'll save money

Online timeshare competitions

12:10 09/10/2015

Timeshare clubs appear to have found the internet a useful tool in recruiting new members. This has frequently been taking the form of offering competitions over social media. If you come across a competition being offered by any timeshare club, be wary. Here at Timeshare Help, we have assisted a great