Westgate denies hiding cancellation information

12:10 08/10/2015

Timeshare club Westgate Resorts has denied hiding information explaining how to cancel timeshare contracts from new buyers. Westgate has been accused of concealing the documents in a sealed compartment in the folder typically given to buyers after they have purchased a timeshare. The USA-based club's lawyer has said the documents were concealed

Getting out of timeshare

13:10 06/10/2015

Timeshare clubs like Diamond Resorts and Club La Costa are known for doing all they can to prevent owners from getting out of their timeshare contracts. Here at Timeshare Help we have dealt with these clubs, and many more, so we know exactly what we are dealing with and we know

Timeshare owners take to social media to sell

12:09 30/09/2015

Current timeshare owners have started using social media platforms to try to sell their timeshares to new buyers. They have to compete with the spam accounts listing endless timeshares for sale, however, so it is easy for them to get lost in the timeline. Although there are a number of organisations attempting

Timeshare help books

12:09 28/09/2015

A fairly recent trend in the timeshare industry are e-books featuring information on how to dispose of your timeshare. Timeshare Help knows that these are being produced by companies with no real knowledge of timeshare or the industry. They are particularly untrustworthy when it comes to getting out of a timeshare

Timeshare contract cancellation

10:09 25/09/2015

Trying to go about a timeshare contract cancellation can be a long and difficult process, with costs being run up to try to get out of something you never really wanted to get into in the first place. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being tied into a

Timeshare sales misrepresentation

11:09 22/09/2015

When you bought your timeshare, it is highly likely that you would have been mis-sold to. Timeshare sales representatives are well known around the world for their aggressive tactics, designed to convince you to make a purchase you wouldn't ordinarily make. This in itself is a breach of EU-wide rules governing fair

Timeshare cooling off period

11:09 18/09/2015

According to UK and EU law, you are legally entitled to a cooling off period. During this time, you are able to change your mind and rescind a purchase without having to explain your reasons. It currently stands at a minimum of 14 days. If you have signed a contract for

Cancel timeshare after rescission period

10:09 16/09/2015

If you want to cancel your timeshare after your rescission period, Timeshare Help will be your best option. We could provide you with a way of terminating your maintenance contract, which would save you hundreds or potentially thousands of pounds in fees every year. You are entitled to a rescission period of

How to get out of your timeshare without losing your home

10:09 09/09/2015

Getting involved in timeshare can be an extremely expensive exercise. Here at Timeshare Help, we have sadly had a number of clients who have got themselves so far into timeshare debt that they find themselves losing their cars, their homes and even their marriages. We have had people approach us who

Trying to book your timeshare holiday

09:09 02/09/2015

Trying to book your time away to use your timeshare week or spend your points can often be the most difficult and trying part of membership. This is not going to be explained to you in the beginning, however. Timeshare sales reps will tell you that you can get away at