Mr W, South Glamorgan

14:11 13/11/2015

Our timeshare was bought from American firm Oasis Lakes Resorts, managed by Bluegreen Vacations. It is only because it was paid for on a UK credit card that we managed to get our maintenance contract terminated through Timeshare Help. Oasis Lakes Resorts had sold us the timeshare on the provision that

Mrs M, Yorkshire

14:11 05/11/2015

While we were on holiday in Lanzarote in 2005, my husband and I were sold a timeshare from Club Las Calas. It remains one of the things we most regret. We were convinced by the sales reps about how lovely it would be to have a holiday in such a beautiful

Mr R, Wales

14:10 23/10/2015

I contacted Timeshare Help after I realised that my Leisure Marketing timeshare had been mis-sold to me. Leisure Marketing had originally informed me that Sunset Beach Club, who I had a timeshare with, had gone bust. Leisure Marketing said they could take the matter to court and get me my

Mr M, Warwickshire

13:10 20/10/2015

My partner and I were sold a timeshare by Azure, which we soon realised we did not want. Timeshare Help was the only company which managed to terminate our maintenance contract. We were told that the timeshare company had not informed us of a cooling off period. This is apparently something

Mr and Mrs S, Tyneside

13:10 15/10/2015

We had been persuaded by Club La Costa to enter into a trial membership of their 'holiday ownership' product. We thought it would be a good way of getting some quality holidays without having to sign a permanent contract. But while we were on our holiday in 2010, we were approached

Mr and Mrs B, Essex

12:10 12/10/2015

In May 2000, we bought a holiday ownership – or what we found out was just a timeshare – from Petchey Leisure. It was a while after that when we realised we were never able to actually use it. We couldn't get to book any time away because it was all

Mr and Mrs W, Derbyshire

12:10 07/10/2015

Financed by Barclays Partner Finance, we bought a timeshare with Azure Resorts in 2009 but they did everything wrong from the beginning. They told us that the special deal was only available that day so if we delayed in signing the timeshare contract, we wouldn't be able to get it. Looking

Mr and Mrs L, Yorkshire

11:10 02/10/2015

We had been the owners of a Diamond Resorts timeshare for 10 years before we found Timeshare Help. We were really unhappy with the ownership because we hardly ever managed to take any holidays. Booking was a nightmare and if we tried to call Diamond Resorts to complain, they would

Mr and Mrs C, Kent

11:09 29/09/2015

In 2004 we agreed to sign a contract for a holiday ownership with the Palms Country Club and Resort Condominium Association, part of Diamond Resorts. We ended up never being able to book our holidays so we realised we were spending money on something we could never use. We had been

Mr M, Cheshire

11:09 24/09/2015

Timeshare Help was the only reason my partner and I got out of our maintenance contract with Club La Costa. Without them, we would still be paying that annual fee. We had bought our timeshare in June 2013 but were unhappy with the service offered to us so we upgraded in