Mr S, Kent

11:09 21/09/2015

Club La Costa approached my partner and myself on our holiday in 2013 and persuaded us that we needed to sign up to one of their holiday ownership products. We weren't very convinced by the whole thing but we wanted to just get out of there and so we signed

Mr and Mrs C, Manchester

15:09 16/09/2015

It was Club La Costa that got us involved in this awful scam in 2013. We paid out £12,348 to the club for our timeshare and were then given an annual fee to pay to keep it going. They did tell us things that turned out to be untrue, though. We

Mr and Mrs B, North Wales

14:09 14/09/2015

We were sold a timeshare by Club Class in 2011 when we thought it would be a good purchase. We paid £2,462.89 on our Barclaycard. It was 3 years later that we realised we no longer wanted to keep it. After looking at our options and trying to cancel the contract

Mr S, Hertfordshire

09:09 11/09/2015

My partner and I were sold a timeshare from TFS Concierge SL in Tenerife. It always seems like a good idea when you're there in the situation, listening to sales people claim that they're doing you a favour by offering you such a good deal which just happened to only

Mr and Mrs V, Sunderland

16:09 09/09/2015

We were signed up to a Diamond Resorts ownership in 2006 and thought we would be able to have lovely holidays abroad when we wanted. The Diamond Resorts sales representatives had told us it would be cheaper to holiday with them than to pay for a holiday of similar quality

Mr and Mrs Q, Yorkshire

10:09 08/09/2015

Diamond Resorts sold us our timeshare in 2005 and we were then convinced to upgrade our membership in 2007 because we could never manage to book the time that we'd paid for. We wanted to cancel our membership after a few years of having trouble every time we attempted to book

Mr and Mrs M, Berkshire

13:09 04/09/2015

Westgate convinced us that we should buy a timeshare in 2003 when we were young. We were obviously a bit naïve, not really knowing much about timeshare or how it all worked. They made us think we would end up saving money to go to Las Vegas every year. We know

Mr and Mrs B, Manchester

14:09 02/09/2015

Pearly Grey Ocean Club approached us on our holiday in Tenerife in 2009 with the offer of a timeshare. They made it sound so appealing we didn't even realise that it was timeshare. The sales reps are very good at dressing it up and making it sound like something different. We

Mr P, Norfolk

11:09 01/09/2015

I had owned a timeshare with Club Greece and was considering selling it. Incentive Leisure Group offered to buy it on the condition that I purchase a holiday ownership from them and I agreed, putting the cost on my UK credit card. I was told that I could if I accepted

Mr P, Bristol

11:08 28/08/2015

I bought a timeshare from Sunterra and wanted to sell it. Global Vacations Limited offered to buy it from me if I bought a timeshare from them. I went ahead with the sale because it seemed like a good deal. But it turned out to be a mistake. Instead of getting