Mrs M, Staffordshire

11:08 27/08/2015

We bought a timeshare from Crown Resorts at the Club Marbella resort. The sales team made it sound like a wonderful idea. We would be able to get away every year to a beautiful resort just outside of Marbella. At the time, it sounded like exactly what we wanted. Our

Mr O, London

11:08 26/08/2015

I had bought a timeshare from Orange Lake Resorts in Florida in 2008. They convinced me that it was something that would make my life easier and that I would save money on trips to Florida if I accepted their offer. My purchase – which cost me £8,858.79 – would

Mrs C, Derbyshire

11:08 25/08/2015

My husband and I bought an exclusive red timeshare membership with Exclusive Club in 2010 for £3,950. We'd been given the hard sell and eventually ended up thinking it sounded like a good idea. They promised us a lot of things that sounded great, like cheaper flights and the chance to

Mr and Mrs P, Bedfordshire

12:08 24/08/2015

Back in 2011, we were convinced to buy a timeshare with Club La Costa, also known as CLC World. We were not in any condition to make a rational decision because Club La Costa had been plying us with alcohol all day while we were listening to their sales pitch. By

Mrs W, Greater Manchester

11:08 21/08/2015

Our timeshare was bought from Diamond Resorts in 2011, who we now know are a huge name in the industry. We also know that they have received a lot of complaints. We ended up wanting to get rid of our timeshare because we felt we had been lied to just to

Mr and Mrs M, Lancashire

11:08 20/08/2015

We were sold our timeshare by Club La Costa in 2006 but we were told in 2007 that we had to upgrade our membership to be able to carry on accessing the benefits and holidays that we thought we had paid for. We wanted to continue with our membership. We did

Mr and Mrs M, Gwent

12:08 19/08/2015

Club La Costa sold us our Fractional Property Owners Club timeshare in 2013. It took us little over a year to decide that we didn't want to remain members because we experienced terrible customer service and we were worried about the level of care we would be given throughout our

Mrs O, Hertfordshire

11:08 18/08/2015

My husband and I were originally Club La Costa points holders when we were approached by Incentive Leisure Group to transfer ownership to them. This was as long as we bought an Incentive Leisure Group holiday membership. We agreed and went ahead with the transfer. Incentive Leisure Group promised to deal with

Mr W, Staffordshire

13:08 17/08/2015

My partner's and my Pueblo Evita Resort timeshare was sold to us in 2003. We were a bit apprehensive about the idea since we had heard all the negative things about timeshares. But the sales team were so persuasive that we were convinced. It was a few years later that we

Mr and Mrs D, London

11:08 14/08/2015

We bought a timeshare from Diversified Resorts in 2012 because we thought the Sunset Beach Club was a beautiful resort. We paid a deposit immediately because we never knew of any cooling off period. We paid £3,800 for a 5-year membership. We would also be paying £350 a year in maintenance