Mr and Mrs H, Manchester

12:08 13/08/2015

We purchased a timeshare at the Royal Tenerife Country Club from Diamond Resorts because we thought it would be a beautiful place to spend our holidays. We were convinced that it would be a great financial decision because it would save us money. We hardly ever managed to get the time

Mrs T, London

12:08 12/08/2015

I had a timeshare with an Azure resort – Island Residence Club – which I'd purchased in 2010. I was unhappy with it and soon regretted my decision to sign the contract. I thought I was going to be stuck with it for the rest of my life and knew I

Mr and Mrs G, Staffordshire

11:08 11/08/2015

In 2013 we were approached by sales reps from Global Resort Experiences. They convinced us that buying a timeshare was a good idea because we would end up saving money. They told us that their offer was available to us that day only and we wouldn't be able to benefit

Mrs W, Hereford

13:08 10/08/2015

My husband and I were sold a Diamond Resorts timeshare but after some time we realised we couldn't keep up the payments on our maintenance contract. We wanted to be released from our timeshare but Diamond would not let this happen. We decided we wanted to stop paying our maintenance fees

Mrs H, Buckinghamshire

11:08 05/08/2015

My timeshare was with Azure Resorts Malta. I was promised all sorts of things which never happened and I realised that the timeshare was a bad idea. I was stuck in a contract which was going to keep me paying maintenance fees forever for something I couldn't even use. I was

Mr and Mrs A, Manchester

12:08 04/08/2015

We had a timeshare sold to us at the Oak Plantation Resort in Florida in the summer of 2000. It was a relaxing place to be so we thought it would be nice to be able to spend our holidays there. The weather was great, we liked the people and

Mr and Mrs M, Aberdeen

15:08 03/08/2015

Orange Lake Resorts sold us our timeshare in 2010. We were told that we would be able to have incredible holidays in Florida when we wanted and that we would benefit from cheaper flights. It turned out, surprisingly to us but apparently not surprising to other people, that these were just

Mr and Mrs P, Cornwall

11:07 31/07/2015

We were approached by Mertex Investments with the offer of purchasing a timeshare with RCI and later discovered that they had ripped us off. Our suspicions were initially raised when we did not receive any paperwork in relation to our membership or purchase conditions. All we had was a receipt

Miss C, Lancashire

13:07 30/07/2015

My partner and I purchased a timeshare with Exclusive Club in 2010 but we later found out that they had mis-represented the facts to us. They did not tell us we were entitled to a cooling off period, during which we could've changed our minds and cancelled the contract. They didn't

Mr W, Hampshire

12:07 29/07/2015

We bought a timeshare from Porto Azzurro in 2007 and were immediately unsettled by the idea. We had to pay a deposit immediately and weren't allowed any time to change our minds. But we thought that because we had signed the timeshare contract, we had to stick with it. We were