NTOA to release timeshare report findings

15:08 18/08/2015

The USA's National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) is next month (September) set to release its findings from a report into the latest consumer attitudes toward timeshare. The first of its kind Timeshare Owners Study is based on more than 500,000 online mentions of selected keywords throughout 2014 that were collected and

Timeshare sales reps

14:08 16/08/2015

Timeshare representatives can be extremely pushy, which often succeeds in baiting people into their sales pitches. The story is usually the same – you're on holiday in Tenerife, Greece, Malta or anywhere with a beach and you're approached by a charming individual offering you a scratch card. You discover that you've

Timeshare advice

10:08 16/08/2015

There is a real lack of quality advice available to timeshare owners. There are organisations supposedly dedicated to helping owners out there – including TATOC and RDO – but these are known to be largely biased in favour of their sponsors, resulting in subjective advice, tailored in favour of these sponsors,

Attending a timeshare sales pitch

15:08 11/08/2015

With people losing interest in timeshare, the industry has found itself having to rely on more aggressive sales pitches to convince potential consumers to buy into it. If you know you are going to be attending a timeshare or holiday club sales pitch, Timeshare Help has put some tips together for

Timeshare cancellation help

11:07 28/07/2015

At Timeshare Help, we aim to do what we can to help people cancel their timeshare contracts and hopefully get money back after they have paid out thousands of pounds to purchase time at a resort that they may not even be able to use. Cancelling timeshare maintenance contracts is our

Timeshare pressure selling

08:07 27/07/2015

Timeshare companies are known for their pressure selling techniques. They are so well-known for it that jokes are frequently made about it. They often use extreme tactics to persuade people to buy their timeshares, including wearing people down, plying them with alcohol and introducing some very intimidating men. Once they have

How Timeshare Help works

07:07 24/07/2015

Here at Timeshare Help, we specialise in two services: maintenance contract termination and no win no fee claims to recover money paid to purchase your timeshare or holiday club membership. When the amounts spent on timeshare can run into the tens of thousands of pounds and maintenance contracts can be classified