Disappointing timeshare ownerships

14:12 07/12/2015

Have you been underwhelmed with your timeshare experience? Perhaps you've been left disappointed or angry? You would not be the first. Timeshare Help has heard directly from many hundreds of people who have complained of bad service and sought our help in terminating their timeshare contracts. When you have paid out thousands of

Value for money of timeshare

13:12 05/12/2015

When timeshare originated, it was good value for money – it offered quality accommodation for reasonable prices. However, times have changed dramatically and timeshare owners are now losing out. The package holiday market has established itself as the kind of competition the timeshare industry always dreaded. They are offering quality resorts

Get rid of timeshare

12:12 02/12/2015

If you want to get rid of your timeshare, we here at Timeshare Help know that you have likely had a real struggle before you've contacted us. We have dealt with enough clubs and had enough clients confirm their actions to know how they operate. Our team has a huge amount

Lack of timeshare cost transparency

12:11 24/11/2015

A number of timeshare clubs and even resale companies think it is best to avoid mentioning costs until they already have you on the hook. Think back to when you signed your timeshare contract. Were you shown all the incredible places you could go and told that signing up would save

Maintenance contracts

13:11 03/11/2015

We at Timeshare Help have previously discussed the issue of timeshare maintenance contracts. Often the main reason for people wanting to cancel a timeshare contract, maintenance contracts need much description. Maintenance contract fees have to be paid every year regardless of whether the owner visits the resort. This fee, which has

Timeshare resale prices

14:10 05/10/2015

People have been taking to the internet to ask about the legitimacy of buying a timeshare for pennies on eBay or other websites. They are concerned that the offer of a week in the Tenerife sun every year could not come as cheap as 99p or even 25p. And their suspicions

Perpetuity in timeshare

12:09 23/09/2015

Timeshare perpetuity is a controversial issue. Timeshare clubs love it whilst owners will be struggling to pay the maintenance contract fees forever. These fees can cost over £2,000 and have to be paid every year. Most clubs invoice owners in December or January, when finances are hit hardest. They don't take

Selling your timeshare

09:09 14/09/2015

The most visited page on a certain timeshare users' support website is entitled 'How to Sell Your Timeshare'. This is for a good reason. Most timeshare users seeking support are actually seeking help in ridding themselves from what has turned into a millstone around their neck. Most of the advice given to

Timeshare maintenance fees

10:09 10/09/2015

Almost all timeshare purchases come with a maintenance fee to be paid every year – sometimes monthly – whether you are able to visit your resort or not. These fees go towards paying for the general maintenance of the resort, hence their name. They vary according to the size and location

Perpetuity in timeshare maintenance contracts

08:09 01/09/2015

Recently the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that any contract signed in perpetuity in the country was null and void. This includes timeshare maintenance contracts. If you have a timeshare maintenance contract, however, you'll know that this has not prevented clubs from sticking this clause onto contracts. Timeshare Help has received hundreds of