Maintenance contract controversy

07:08 27/08/2015

Maintenance contract fees are frequently the most complained about aspect of timeshare ownership. They have proved to be very controversial, with rulings having recently been made on their legality. Most people who want to get out of their timeshares have cited promises not being kept and maintenance contract fees as their

Termination of timeshare contract

15:08 17/08/2015

Timeshare Help could provide you, as our client, a service offering the termination of your timeshare contract. If we successfully terminate your maintenance contract, you will be free from the cost of these annual fees forever. We can offer this service through our experienced team of lawyers who have so far

Walking away from timeshare

08:08 17/08/2015

Some owners have just got so fed up with the idea of timeshare and the costs of maintenance contracts that they have decided to just walk away from their timeshare altogether. In doing this, they are leaving themselves open to the threat of legal action. Many people have made the decision to

The maintenance contract termination process

07:08 14/08/2015

At Timeshare Help, we specialise in terminating the maintenance contracts of people in the UK who have regretted the purchase of a timeshare and are now stuck with annual fees of sometimes extortionate amounts. Here, we detail the process of our maintenance contract termination service. Following your initial contact with us, whether that's

Timeshare maintenance fees increasing

15:08 13/08/2015

Typically, timeshare maintenance fees increase when owners decide to terminate their contracts, leaving a shortfall in annual revenue. Many Timeshare Help clients have complained to us that they were never told their maintenance fees would increase and are frustrated when they end up paying far more than they ever intended to. If

Terminating a maintenance contract

08:08 12/08/2015

Timeshare Help has had a huge rate of success in terminating the maintenance contracts of timeshare owners across the UK. We have a team of specialist lawyers who will offer you a fantastic chance of terminating your maintenance contract and releasing you from the obligation of having to pay this annual

Maintenance contract fees ill spent

07:08 03/08/2015

If you are paying annual maintenance contract fees to your timeshare club and you are unhappy with the way they are seemingly being spent, Timeshare Help may be able to help you terminate your maintenance contract. Many of our clients have complained to us of paying extortionate annual fees and receiving

Timeshare cancellation

08:07 31/07/2015

Timeshare Help could offer you the best chance of securing a timeshare cancellation by terminating your maintenance contract or making a no win no fee claim for your money back. It is possible that we could pursue both actions. Cancelling a timeshare can be done without any costs to pay during

Unpaid timeshare maintenance fees

09:07 30/07/2015

With timeshare maintenance contract fees increasing all the time, it may seem like one of the only options available for owners is to simply stop paying. There is a huge number of owners who have stopped paying their annual fees. It has been estimated at certain clubs that up to 40%

How to get out of your timeshare contract

09:07 29/07/2015

If you are struggling to pay your ever increasing maintenance contract fees, you may be able to get out of your timeshare contract. Timeshare Help are specialists in terminating maintenance contracts and claiming money back for people who have been mis-sold timeshares. We could offer you legal protection from any timeshare