Baiting you into the timeshare sales pitch

12:10 21/10/2015

Getting people to attend a timeshare sales pitch may sound like an impossible task, given the facts known about timeshare contracts, yet hundreds of thousands of people a year find themselves stuck in presentations lasting hours. Just how do the timeshare companies get these people there? The scratch card prize Someone will approach

Timeshare ownership democracy

13:10 14/10/2015

The timeshare industry likes to claim that it is a democratically run industry, however Timeshare Help knows that this is largely untrue. Most resorts are run by the developer, which can allow them to manipulate timeshare owners' experiences to turn a greater profit. It has been estimated that only 30% of

Points clubs

12:10 01/10/2015

Points clubs evolved from timeshare contracts and replaced the ownership of weeks with a kind of booking currency in points. Members bought points which they were assured they could use to get them the accommodation during the time period they wanted. They were told that the more points they bought, the

Length of timeshare ownership

11:09 17/09/2015

The majority of timeshare owners (more than three quarters) are now tied into contracts extending longer than 50 years, with most of those having to pay maintenance fees forever. When these owners signed up for their timeshares, they were frequently not informed that they would be expected to pay these maintenance

Timeshare debt collectors

15:09 10/09/2015

Timeshare clubs have had to resort to debt collection agencies in order to intimidate people into paying the maintenance contract fees. This is because timeshare owners are getting so fed up with these ever increasing fees that they think non-payment is their best option. It has been estimated that most UK

Timeshare transparency

15:09 08/09/2015

Transparency is not exactly the first word most would use in connection with timeshare. The industry is known for its lack of clear information, to timeshare owners and other stakeholders. A number of timeshare clubs refuse to tell the truth about their financial states, presenting themselves as stable and even thriving.

The unique problems of timeshare

09:09 07/09/2015

Timeshare is a unique industry which presents equally unique problems to consumers. Amongst them is the lack of transparency, the high pressure aggressive sales pitches used to convinced buyers and the clubs' often complete disinterest in owners' experiences. The timeshare industry has a problem with being upfront with owners and potential

Timeshare pressure selling

15:09 03/09/2015

The majority of timeshare owners have been pressured into buying their time or points, according to the experiences of Timeshare Help clients. Many of them are in the same boat, having being mis-sold a timeshare. It is often said that timeshare is not bought but sold and that certainly does appear

Hidden timeshare costs

08:08 24/08/2015

If you think that paying off your credit card or finance agreement is the only cost involved in timeshare ownership, you would be unfortunately mistaken. A huge number of people sign up to a timeshare without being informed of the annual maintenance fees which have to be paid for most contracts.

Timeshare clubs' use of social media

14:08 21/08/2015

Timeshare clubs are all over social media. They use the medium to post photographs of their resorts and surrounding areas. It makes for good advertising, seeing these stunning pictures and thinking you might like to end up on a holiday at such a beautiful place. Their resorts are always shown from