Timeshare claims

Timeshare Help could offer you our no win no fee claim for getting back the money you have spent on a timeshare membership. If you purchased the timeshare on your UK credit card or through a finance agreement and it was done in the last 10 years, we could have a good chance of making a claim.

If you think you have been mis-sold your timeshare and want to try to get your money back, we may be able to help you. We have so far been able to claim back more than £1 million for our clients.

We do this by presenting a case of misrepresentation to your credit card company or the finance provider which was offered to you at the point of sale by your timeshare club. The UK offers a unique consumer protection law, which we can use to help us try to win your money back.

Misrepresentation includes the promises that were made to you by your club’s sales representatives but which have turned out to not be true.

If your club told you that you would be able to take holidays at any time and at any resort in the world but you have struggled to book any time at all, this could count as misrepresentation. If you were told that your timeshare would only increase in value but this turned out to be untrue, this could also count as misrepresentation.

If you were told that there was a timeshare resale scheme in place but there was not, this could count as misrepresentation. If you were told that your maintenance contract fees would not increase or if you were not told about a maintenance contract at all, this could also count as misrepresentation.

All the broken promises made to you could help your timeshare claim so we would ask you to provide us with your side of the story, detailing everything that your club’s sales team told you about.

If we think you have a valid claim, we will assign your case to a dedicated manager, who will be responsible for updating you via email, phone calls and texts.

If we cannot secure you a refund, there will never be an invoice to pay. If this happens, the card or finance provider will have to explain in writing why they denied the case and confirm to us that we are entitled to present your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. The Ombudsman’s decision is final.

If you are successful, we will only request payment after you have been refunded straight into your bank account. After the money goes into your account, we will request to be paid the previously agreed fee.

It is free to call us here at Timeshare Help for a chat and we are happy to just have an initial discussion about your options. We can advise you on your options and you are under absolutely no obligation to continue with our services.