Biggest challenge in timeshare

The biggest challenge in the timeshare industry is getting out of the unfair and binding contracts that the clubs are so fond of tying people into.

If you decide you’re not happy with your timeshare ownership, you may try to get your club to release you from your contract.

Unfortunately, timeshare clubs are extremely unwilling to let anyone out of their contract. They know that because it is very difficult to sign new consumers up to a timeshare, they need to hang onto the ones they already have.

With a large amount of people simply not paying their maintenance contract fees, timeshare clubs make sure that they keep people locked into contracts for as long as they can. Known as timeshare delinquency, rates of non-payment are increasing annually.

This is because maintenance contract fees typically increase every year, by up to 8%. Many timeshare owners are already unhappy with their timeshare experience and are then upset further by increasing costs.

They are not willing to pay out more money to a club which is taking advantage of them. Therefore, they simply stop paying their maintenance fees.

Timeshare Help could offer you a way out of this contract. We could terminate your maintenance contract as well as cancel your finance agreement and possibly make a no win no fee claim for the money you have already spent on your timeshare.

If you are having trouble getting out of your timeshare contract, call Timeshare Help on 0800 644 0103. We are happy to have an initial discussion about your options with no obligation to go forward with our services.

We could be able to have your maintenance contract terminated within a few weeks. We rely on our legal team sending your timeshare club an open-ended letter, informing them that your maintenance contract is now at an end. They will ensure that your contract is no longer enforceable.

If your club tried to take any action against you, our legal team will you complete protection. This is all covered in the fee we charge for terminating a maintenance contract.

If we are not successful in winning your claim, there is no fee what so ever to pay.

If there is nothing to risk, there is no reason not to pursue a timeshare claim. We want to help as many people get out of timeshare contracts as we can.

Terminating maintenance contracts is something we do on a daily basis and are very rarely unsuccessful in doing so. When this is the case, it is typically because the client decides against pursuing the case.

Here at Timeshare Help we will always do what you, as our client, wants. We will pursue any action you decide on since we want to help you.

Call Timeshare Help today to find out what we can do for you or click here to find out about the clients we have helped.