Perpetuity in timeshare maintenance contracts

Recently the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that any contract signed in perpetuity in the country was null and void. This includes timeshare maintenance contracts.

If you have a timeshare maintenance contract, however, you’ll know that this has not prevented clubs from sticking this clause onto contracts.

Timeshare Help has received hundreds of complaints about perpetuity. Our clients have explained that they don’t want to have to pay these fees for the rest of their lives and they certainly don’t want to have to force their children into paying their debt.

Even though this clause is illegal, it doesn’t stop the timeshare clubs. They have been known to disobey other EU-wide rules, such as by taking a deposit during the cooling off period, and have not been very concerned about the new perpetuity ruling.

If you have signed a timeshare contract with perpetuity on it, contact Timeshare Help to find out about our timeshare maintenance contract termination service.

We rely on the way you were sold your timeshare and how your club reneged on its promises to you in order to terminate your maintenance contract.

We will ask for your perspective on the sale and how you think you were mis-sold to. Perhaps your sales representative promised that you would be able to have a holiday when and where you wanted but you were never able to book the time you wanted. Perhaps you were told that you would be making a good investment because the value of the ownership would only go up but you soon found that it was worth next to nothing.

Perhaps you were told that you would be able to sell the timeshare back to the club after a certain point but when you tried, you were unable to.

Timeshare Help wants to hear from you if you have had any of these experiences, or perhaps entirely different ones. Because we don’t think it is fair that the timeshare clubs can get away with forcing owners and owners’ children and grandchildren to pay maintenance fees – which, in some cases, can cost up to £2,000 every year – for the rest of their lives.

We have had people ask for help who have been given their timeshare as a gift, not being aware that they would be required to pay these fees forever. If this has happened to you, get in touch with us today.

If our lawyers think you have a potentially successful case, they will accept you as their client and offer you their legal protection against any action that the club may attempt to take against you. Our lawyers are extremely experienced and have an unbeaten knowledge of the timeshare industry. There is hardly a club we haven’t encountered so you can be confident in our skills.

Perpetuity in timeshare maintenance contracts is an unfair practice and we want to help as many people as possible be released from them. If you want to find out whether you have a strong case for termination, contact us for a free discussion now.