Why you can't sell your timeshare

Are you trying to sell your timeshare? Are you finding that it is just about impossible to do so? There are many reasons for this but chief amongst them is the fact that there are just too many timeshare sellers out there.

The few who are actually interested in buying a second hand timeshare are overwhelmed with options, from the ridiculously expensive to the free. There are a huge amount of timeshare owners ready to give theirs away for no charge, just to get out of their timeshare contracts and not have to pay their annual maintenance contract fees again.

Because most timeshare owners know that they will never recoup their losses by asking for what they paid for their ownership, these are being given away on sites like eBay and other specialist timeshare websites.

The problem is when an owner refuses to accept the loss and tries to sell it for the tens of thousands of pounds he or she paid for it. This is rarely going to happen, as unfortunate as it is. Why would potential buyers be interested in a timeshare costing £20,000 when they could get one with the same facilities for free?

As unfair as it is, people are not interested in how much you paid for your timeshare. They only care about how much you’re selling it for.

So if you’re trying to sell it just to get out of your timeshare contract, Timeshare Help could offer you a better way out. We could have your maintenance contract terminated within a few short weeks. We could also look into the possibility of claiming your money back on a no win no fee basis.

These options, as well as being financially beneficial for you, offer more security to you. Scam artists are ready to take advantage of you as you try to sell your timeshare on.

They will often cold call people claiming they have a buyer lined up and that all that’s needed is a payment for transferring the ownership. Timeshare owners who fall for this scam hand over thousands of pounds only to find that the company who offered to facilitate the transfer is no longer trading and that they are still stuck with their timeshare.

These scams won’t provide you with a way of getting out of your timeshare contract. They will only leave you further out of pocket or in debt and still responsible for timeshare payments and maintenance contract fees.

Timeshare Help could really get you out of your timeshare contract. We are upfront about the costs of our services and we will not ask for a penny if we don’t win your claim.

We use the fact that your timeshare was mis-sold to you to claim back your money from your credit card or finance provider, who are held equally responsible under the Consumer Credit Act. So if you feel you were pressured into signing a timeshare contract, call Timeshare Help to find out whether we can help you.