Timeshare maintenance fees

Almost all timeshare purchases come with a maintenance fee to be paid every year – sometimes monthly – whether you are able to visit your resort or not.

These fees go towards paying for the general maintenance of the resort, hence their name. They vary according to the size and location of the apartment in question, with the facilities and equipment offered also affecting the cost.

It has been reported that the average owner is paying £400 a week in timeshare maintenance fees, which makes a total of £800 each year for a 2-week ownership.

Even if you can’t find flights to get to your resort or you are unable to book your time, you are still required to pay these maintenance fees. In fact, many Timeshare Help clients have complained that they can’t book their holidays. They are often told by their club that they will have to pay extra to upgrade their membership if they want to book the time that they thought they had originally bought when signing a timeshare contract.

Here at Timeshare Help, we may be able to help you terminate your timeshare contract, ending the payment of timeshare maintenance fees for good.

We will begin the process by evaluating whether you have a strong case for termination by asking you to complete a complaints form and submit a written statement to us. This should detail all problems that you may have experienced with your timeshare, including not being able to book your holiday or any times you found your club did not stick to their end of the deal.

If our lawyers think your case will be successful, they will write a letter of termination to your club, advising them that you will not be paying any further timeshare maintenance fees. They will use the facts that you initially provided us in order to do this.

After we receive this letter, we will send you a copy for you to approve. After we receive your approval and a signed form of authority, our lawyers will then be acting on your behalf. It is at this stage that we will request payment, a set fee which we will discuss with you in the beginning of the process.

Our lawyers will then begin their negotiations with your timeshare club. At no extra cost to you, they will then protect you from any action your club may take in the future.

Many timeshare clubs will not provide you with written confirmation that your maintenance contract has been terminated. This is because it could count as an admission of liability, meaning that we could then present that admission to the finance providers which offered the money to purchase a timeshare. They would then have to get the money back from the club and likely stop providing them with future finance.

Our lawyers will confirm that you have been released from your contract, however. We will make sure you know that you are no longer expected to pay timeshare maintenance fees.

If you think it’s unfair that you are paying such high fees for something that you may not even be able to use, Timeshare Help wants to hear from you. We may be able to use our vast knowledge of the industry to stop you having to pay these timeshare maintenance fees.