Contacting timeshare clubs

If you have grown disillusioned with your timeshare experience, perhaps the logical thing to do is to contact your club to try to find a resolution to any problems you may have.

With most other industries, this usually works since companies want to keep consumers happy. But the timeshare industry is not like others.

Instead of trying to keep its consumers satisfied with its service, the timeshare industry is more focused on convincing new people to sign up to their unfair contracts. This means that if you get in touch with your club, they will likely not have any constructive ideas on how to improve your experience.

Many Timeshare Help clients have told us that after they have tried to complain to their clubs, they have just been told that a more senior member of staff would call them back. They never received a phone call.

Their complaints are frequently ignored or occasionally even ridiculed. We have heard from timeshare owners who have said that their complaints were laughed about.

Clubs don’t just ignore owners, however. They have also been known to offer ‘upgrades’ to the owner’s purchase at an extra charge to fix the problems they may have.

The problem comes from the clubs knowing that their contracts tie you in for a very long time, sometimes forever, so they don’t have to keep you happy in order to get you to keep paying maintenance fees.

If you feel unappreciated by your club and want to get out of your contract, Timeshare Help may be able to offer you some assistance.

We offer 2 distinct services: we could claim your money back on a no win no fee basis if you paid on a UK credit card or took a finance agreement or we could terminate your maintenance contract. You are able to choose to pursue both.

If we move forward on a claim, we will never ask you to pay anything to us until you have been refunded and the money is in your bank account. If we are unsuccessful in claiming back your money, there will never be a charge to pay for our services.

We rely on the way your club mis-sold your purchase to you in order to claim the money back from your credit card company or finance provider. If you could provide us with the promises that were made to you during the sales pitch which have not been kept – resulting in your dissatisfaction with your ownership – we could use these as examples of how your timeshare was mis-sold to you.

If you chose to go forward with a maintenance contract termination case, we could have this done within 2 weeks, saving you possible problems in dealing with your timeshare club. We negotiate with your club on your behalf and you are protected by our legal team against any action your club may try to take.

Our maintenance contract termination service would mean that you will never have to pay this annual fee again.

If your timeshare club is not doing what it should to keep you happy, call Timeshare Help. We may be able to end your dealings with the club altogether.