Selling your timeshare

The most visited page on a certain timeshare users’ support website is entitled ‘How to Sell Your Timeshare‘. This is for a good reason.

Most timeshare users seeking support are actually seeking help in ridding themselves from what has turned into a millstone around their neck.

Most of the advice given to people in this position is to try to sell it on themselves. But the possibility of actually doing so is minimal. The timeshare resale market is flooded with sellers and severely lacking in buyers.

Although there is little chance of successfully selling your timeshare ownership, it is a far better option than companies promising to sell your ownership on. As we have previously discussed here on Timeshare Help, these companies are nothing but a scam.

They claim that they can sell your timeshare to a new buyer but in reality just take your money and never contact you again. As we have done in the past, we would advise any timeshare owner to avoid these companies. They will not provide you with any legitimate way of getting rid of your timeshare.

Selling a timeshare sounds like a good idea. It is a good idea in theory. But you will never get what you paid for your ownership – or even remotely near it. Because buyers have so many options available to them, costs have been driven down very low.

In fact, some sellers are even forgoing the formality of requesting a payment and offering to simply give theirs away. And yet they are still struggling to generate any interest.

Potential buyers have been exposed to the timeshare industry. They know how it works and how owners have been scammed. They are aware of how they can get a lot for a little.

Many owners will still be willing to give their timeshare away just to be rid of their maintenance contract. These maintenance fees can cost up to £3,000 every year and they have to be paid regardless of whether an owner uses their time away.

Maintenance contracts are a hugely significant reason for people wanting to walk away from their timeshare ownerships. But selling it on to a new owner becomes very difficult when you have to sell the maintenance contract with it. You won’t be surprised that people don’t want to take on that kind of financial commitment.

Imagine being free of that contract. Just imagine waking up everyday knowing that your money is your own and that you don’t have to pay out thousands more on maintenance fees, potentially for the rest of your life.

This could be a possibility if you contact Timeshare Help. We are specialists in terminating maintenance contracts. We have so far terminated the contracts of more than 600 clients and saved some up to £50,000 over their lifetimes.

We have an excellent legal team who will offer you complete protection from any action your timeshare club may attempt to take.

Maintenance fees could be a thing of the past if you let us at Timeshare Help arrange it for you.