Perpetuity in timeshare

Timeshare perpetuity is a controversial issue. Timeshare clubs love it whilst owners will be struggling to pay the maintenance contract fees forever.

These fees can cost over £2,000 and have to be paid every year. Most clubs invoice owners in December or January, when finances are hit hardest. They don’t take into account whether you can even use your timeshare or holiday club points.

Timeshare perpetuity is often what makes owners want to give the whole experience up. Timeshare perpetuity means you will never be free of your obligations. Timeshare perpetuity has been ruled illegal.

The Spanish Supreme Court has made an official ruling on the legality of perpetuity on timeshare maintenance contracts and it is bad news for the clubs. They have prohibited it and this is applicable to any contract signed in Spain.

So if you have a timeshare that you bought in Spain or a Spanish territory, you might think you have a way out.

This is potentially optimistic thinking. Unfortunately, most timeshare clubs are refusing to adhere to the ruling. Some are taking legal action to have this ruling overturned in relation to themselves, claiming that they are not applicable to contracts signed before the ruling. And we all know that the legal process can take a very long time.

This leaves timeshare owners in a difficult position.

But Timeshare Help could offer you a certain way out of timeshare perpetuity.

If you no longer want to worry about being able to afford hundreds or thousands of pounds on timeshare maintenance contract fees, contact us. We could terminate your maintenance contract and leave you free to spend your money as you want.

We don’t think that timeshare perpetuity is a fair or reasonable clause to include in a contract. If you have been a victim of timeshare perpetuity, get in touch today.