Mr M, Cheshire

Timeshare Help was the only reason my partner and I got out of our maintenance contract with Club La Costa. Without them, we would still be paying that annual fee.

We had bought our timeshare in June 2013 but were unhappy with the service offered to us so we upgraded in October that year. Club La Costa made it clear that the only way we would be able to take the holiday that we thought we had already paid for was to fork out more money. So an upgrade was our only option.

But this didn’t help us in any way – we were never able to book our holidays. We had also been told that our ownership was an investment and would become more valuable but this was just another lie. We couldn’t get rid of our timeshare and we couldn’t get out of the contract because Club La Costa had made it impossible.

We tried to find a way to get Club La Costa to release us from our timeshare. But they made things very difficult for us.

When we contacted Timeshare Help, we finally felt some relief. They understood what we were talking about and knew that Club La Costa was one of the most unfair timeshare clubs out there.

During their negotiations with Club La Costa, Timeshare Help told us the club didn’t want to let us go without paying for an extremely expensive mediation service. This service would be run by an organisation which wouldn’t even have the power to force Club La Costa to release us from our contracts. What is the point of that?

So Timeshare Help brought up the fact that Club La Costa had stated that they would release members if they paid one year’s maintenance fees. It was through Timeshare Help’s determination that they eventually managed to get our maintenance contract terminated.

Timeshare Help is still trying to get us our money back from Natwest and we hope to have a successful resolution like we did in the maintenance contract termination case.