Mr and Mrs C, Kent

In 2004 we agreed to sign a contract for a holiday ownership with the Palms Country Club and Resort Condominium Association, part of Diamond Resorts.

We ended up never being able to book our holidays so we realised we were spending money on something we could never use. We had been promised a load of things that we never actually got so we started to think we had been taken for fools by the Diamond Resorts sales team.

It turned out that they think everyone is an idiot because they’ve done this with thousands and thousands of other people.

So we got Timeshare Help on the case. We wanted them to terminate our maintenance contract so we wouldn’t have to pay the $3,606.15 every year that Diamond Resorts was asking for.

When we heard Timeshare Help’s advert on the radio, we decided not to pay our maintenance fees for 2014 in the hopes that they would get us out of the unfair contract we had signed up for.

We were lucky to have Timeshare Help agree to take our case on. What they charged us for this service would have cost the equivalent of one year’s maintenance contract fees. We would be happy to never have to pay another maintenance contract fee again so paying this charge was not going to be a problem for us.

Timeshare Help got our maintenance contract terminated for a one off fee and their legal team were going to protect us from anything Diamond Resorts was going to do.

This was good because we had to call on their services when Diamond Resorts got in touch with us demanding payment for two years’ worth of maintenance fees. Timeshare Help’s legal team took them on, though. They told them that our contract had been terminated and that we wouldn’t be paying or even acknowledging them anymore.

They told Diamond that they were harassing us, which was prohibited by the UK’s Protection Against Harassment Act.

Knowing we were legally protected was a relief for us. We don’t have to pay this annual fee anymore and nothing will happen to us because of it. It’s saved us around £23,800 over our lifetimes.