Mr and Mrs L, Yorkshire

We had been the owners of a Diamond Resorts timeshare for 10 years before we found Timeshare Help. We were really unhappy with the ownership because we hardly ever managed to take any holidays. Booking was a nightmare and if we tried to call Diamond Resorts to complain, they would just suggest upgrading.

The complaints procedure was a bit ridiculous. Nobody ever seemed to deal with our problems and we started to feel like we were being taken for granted. It was like Diamond didn’t really have to do anything to keep us satisfied but we’d keep paying our maintenance contract fees, which were too high to afford.

When we tried to get out of our contract, Diamond Resorts wouldn’t let us. They just told us that we were locked in because of that contract forever. So we decided to just stop paying our fees. Diamond wasn’t happy about this so we started looking for help.

We found Timeshare Help online and because they were based in the UK we felt more comfortable approaching them. There were other companies that said they could do what Timeshare Help did but they were based abroad. We wanted to know that we could go round to the office if we needed to and that they would understand what we were going through.

We were reassured with their professionalism but also their sympathy with our situation. They knew that we had found ourselves backed into a corner and they wanted to help us get out.

They explained that they could terminate our maintenance contract even though were £4,000 in arrears. Because debt collectors hadn’t been called in by Diamond Resorts, Timeshare Help agreed to take our case on.

We were warned that if we left it too late, Diamond would definitely get a UK debt collection agency involved and we would end up in more trouble than we ever needed to be in.

The Timeshare Help legal team started to work on getting a number of Diamond Resorts owners released from their maintenance contract and it wasn’t long before we were told that we had been freed from the contract.

We can definitely recommend the Timeshare Help team for terminating maintenance contracts.