Mr and Mrs W, Derbyshire

Financed by Barclays Partner Finance, we bought a timeshare with Azure Resorts in 2009 but they did everything wrong from the beginning.

They told us that the special deal was only available that day so if we delayed in signing the timeshare contract, we wouldn’t be able to get it. Looking back, it is obvious that this was a lie.

During their sales pitch, the Azure Resorts sales reps told us that we would be able to get cheaper flights if we signed up. We never got cheaper flights through our membership.

They told us we would be making a great investment and that it would go up in value. This was not true since we were not able to sell it at all. But they had made out that we would be buying into a really desirable product which would be in huge demand when we signed up for the timeshare contract.

The Azure Resorts team promised us that even though our timeshare was in demand, we would always be able to book the holidays we wanted. But whenever we tried to book the time away, we were told that we couldn’t. They offered us the choice of upgrading, for a huge amount more, just to get the time that we had wanted.

Timeshare Help told us that these were very common experiences and that lots of their clients had to deal with thing like this.

We asked them to get us out of our maintenance contract. They got us to supply all of the relevant information – purchase agreements and financial statements – as well as a written statement with everything that happened to us when we signed the timeshare contract and after that.

They quickly got our maintenance contract terminated. We were happy to pay the one-off charge to never have to pay another maintenance fee again.

It was a relief to hear that we were free of Azure Resorts and they could never come after us with any debt collection agencies.