Mr and Mrs B, Essex

In May 2000, we bought a holiday ownership – or what we found out was just a timeshare – from Petchey Leisure.

It was a while after that when we realised we were never able to actually use it. We couldn’t get to book any time away because it was all booked up even though we could find the same apartment on travel websites.

The maintenance contract fee that Petchey Leisure had also stuck on us was £799.68. We were getting older and we just couldn’t afford it any longer. It was getting to a ridiculous level.

When we started looking for help, we found a lot of people telling us to just stop paying our maintenance contract fee.

So when we were invoiced just before the new year, we refused to pay it. We thought it might take longer for Petchey Leisure to take action but they got a UK debt collection agency to pursue us. They were threatening and made us extremely worried. We thought we might end up losing our house if things went too far.

So we thought we needed to find someone to help us. That’s when we found Timeshare Help. We’d heard their advert on the radio and got in touch.

The team at Timeshare Help told us they could get our maintenance contract taken care of and that they would deal with the debt collectors too. This gave us some peace of mind, knowing that someone else was on our side.

When they started working to release us from our maintenance contract, it took just under 12 months, which we had been warned could be the case. We learnt that this was because Petchey Leisure are one of the most difficult clubs to get out of a contract with.

If we’d known that at the time, we never would have signed up for the timeshare.

Eventually, though, Timeshare Help got us out of our agreement with Petchy Leisure by terminating our maintenance contract. We wouldn’t have to pay that fee again.

Terminating our maintenance contract saved us over £16,000 over our lifetimes and saved our children from ever being forced to pay this fee of almost £800 a year.