At home on holiday

As a people, us Brits are known for wanting things to be as they are at home whilst we’re on holiday. We like a full English breakfast in Spain, Premier League matches in Portugal and fish and chips in Malta.

It is therefore no surprise that when we are away from home, we gravitate towards other Brits to make ourselves feel more comfortable.

Wanting to be more comfortable has rarely cost anyone their home or marriage. Until it comes to timeshare, that is.

If you have found yourself going along with a timeshare sales representative’s pitch in Tenerife just because he was from Nottingham and charmed you, you won’t be the only one. The sales reps will use stories of home to put you more at ease. They start to make you think that a fellow Brit would never intentionally deceive you. Would they?

So when you start to believe their pitch, it is understandable.

They will tell you things like the fact you can get a great deal on a fixed week in the Spanish sun every year with no problems booking it and you’ll get cheaper flights too. They will explain that the resort has lots of UK customers so there will always be someone to talk to and you’ll get all the English food and beer you want.

Why would Pete from Nottingham lie?

It’s only when you get home and you’re invoiced for your annual maintenance contract fee (which Pete clearly forgot to mention) and you try to book a holiday but just can’t access the website or you can’t book the time away you wanted.

When you have trouble accessing the website, your next course of action might be to call the timeshare club to find out why. When you do, the club tries to sell you an upgrade or something else.

It is at this point where many people get fed up and become disillusioned with the idea of timeshare ownership. For others, it takes going along to their first timeshare holiday and finding that they have been put in a tiny room with a dingy bathroom and a view of the car park.

When they do end up speaking to other British holidaymakers, they find out that they are also unhappy with their experience.

Timeshare Help knows that this happens consistently. Our clients have given us long lists of awful experiences hat they have faced during their time at their respective timeshare clubs.

If you are no longer happy with your timeshare ownership or if you feel it was mis-sold to you in the very beginning, contact Timeshare Help. We may be able to offer you some assistance.

We are experts in the timeshare industry. There isn’t a trick that they’ve used that we don’t know about.

If you want to terminate your maintenance contract or if you want to make a no win no fee claim for your money back, call Timeshare Help on 0800 644 0103. Our professional team will reassure you and help you realise that you’re not alone.