Mr M, Warwickshire

My partner and I were sold a timeshare by Azure, which we soon realised we did not want. Timeshare Help was the only company which managed to terminate our maintenance contract.

We were told that the timeshare company had not informed us of a cooling off period. This is apparently something that timeshare firms often ‘forget’ to mention. We also learnt that they aren’t actually allowed to take a deposit during that period but we were unable to purchase the timeshare without paying the deposit.

We are aged 70 and 67 and timeshare firms are legally required to release people over 65 from their contracts if that’s what they want. I am not able to travel due to medical concerns. These points became the basis for our mis-selling case.

Timeshare Help gave us the chance to fully consider our options and decide whether the maintenance contract termination was what we really wanted. When we decided it was, Timeshare Help negotiated with Azure and managed to secure the contract termination.

They kept us updated throughout the process and helped us with any forms we needed to complete. They made sure we knew what to do to make the whole thing go as smoothly as possible.

We learnt that because the timeshare company sometimes has to pay a fee to the hotel or holiday club to secure our release, we would have to pay a further £250 to get out of our contract.

But as a gesture of goodwill Timeshare Help offered to cover this fee to speed up the process and avoid further legal costs. This was hugely appreciated, since we felt more comfortable with them than we would have with the timeshare company.

Thanks to Timeshare Help, our annual maintenance contract of £381.03 was terminated, which will save us a really significant amount of money in the future.

We are so relieved that we don’t have this contract hanging over our heads anymore. Our thanks go to Timeshare Help. We can’t tell people enough times to contact them if you bought a timeshare on a UK credit card because you could win a refund and have your maintenance contract terminated.