Mr R, Wales

I contacted Timeshare Help after I realised that my Leisure Marketing timeshare had been mis-sold to me. Leisure Marketing had originally informed me that Sunset Beach Club, who I had a timeshare with, had gone bust. Leisure Marketing said they could take the matter to court and get me my money back from Sunset Beach Club as long as I bought a timeshare from them. I agreed, thinking it was my only option, and bought it on my UK credit card.

It was only after I had spoken to Timeshare Help that I found that I had not been told there is a legally required cooling off period and that no deposit can be taken during this time.

I am 66 and have medical issues which prevent me from travelling to my timeshare destination. The timeshare company did not want to terminate my contract, even though I then discovered that they were bound by law to do so.

The timeshare sales representative had promised me a lot of things which then turned out to be untrue. The told me that I could use my membership whenever I wanted to and that I could swap my weeks to travel to other destinations. They also said I could travel with my children and that they would rent out my timeshare and I would receive the income. All of this was untrue. I was never able to use the timeshare when I wanted and I never received any income from any rentals.

As if that weren’t bad enough, they never mentioned that I would have to pay for a lifetime maintenance contract and that the contract would then be passed on to my children when I died. I couldn’t believe that they would be stuck with a bill for something they hadn’t signed up for.

I was also given a loan which I was told would be interest free. This was not true and ended up being just another cost I had to pay on top of all the others.

When I approached Timeshare Help, they assured me that they’d seen this before and it would be enough to terminate my maintenance contract and cancel my timeshare. They were right.

They took the case up and won my release from my timeshare. I wouldn’t have to pay fees for my lifelong maintenance contract any longer. This has saved me and my children well over £25,000 and means that we won’t be left in debt for the rest of our lives.