Sell my timeshare

If you have paid a company to sell your timeshare in order to get you out of the responsibility, we don’t relish informing you of this but you will almost certainly have been ripped off.

These companies claim they can sell your timeshare for close to or more than what you paid for it on the provision that you pay up to £2,000 in ‘marketing costs’. They claim they will use this money to aggressively market your timeshare to buyers.

It is only after you have handed over your money that you realise you’ve been scammed. You were scammed into buying a timeshare in the first place and you’ve been scammed again into trying to sell it.

These companies don’t want to sell your timeshare. They want to take your money.

They can claim that they will find a buyer but in reality all they are doing is putting your timeshare on their website for people to happen across. And, as unfortunate as it is for you, no one is happening across the website with the intention of buying a timeshare.

Your timeshare will be sitting alongside thousands of others of similar or better value for buyers. There are not enough buyers and far too many sellers for there to be even a decent chance of you selling your timeshare on those websites. You are paying these companies to host an advert which you could do on eBay or social media for far less money.

When you try to query why your timeshare hasn’t sold following weeks and months and even years of being listed on these websites, you are told that it was never guaranteed. But you wouldn’t have handed over your money without being assured there was a really significant chance of being successful in selling your timeshare.

There is no good way to sell your timeshare. Once you’ve been scammed into entering the world of timeshare, the only real way out is through the help of a team of professionals who have seen it all before and know all the tricks the industry uses to keep people locked into unfair timeshare contracts.

Timeshare Help can offer you exactly that team. We have been successful in terminating the maintenance contracts of hundreds of clients and could even make a claim for the money you have paid into your timeshare ownership if it was mis-sold to you.

The team at Timeshare Help would negotiate directly with your timeshare club to get you released from your unfair maintenance contract, which nowadays likely includes perpetuity on it. This means that after you die, your children or next of kin will be required to pay this fee every year until they die and then their children are responsible for it.

If you are desperate to be released from your timeshare contract, call us at Timeshare Help on 0800 644 0103. We are experts in the industry. Our solicitor possesses more than 25 years of litigation experience.

Timeshare Help is your best chance of getting out of this situation without handing over money for nothing.