What if?

What if you found yourself paying thousands of pounds upfront and extra hundreds or thousands every year for a product that you could barely use?

This sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it? Of course it does. But it is currently happening to thousands upon thousandsĀ of people around the UK.

The reason for it is timeshare.

Timeshare has resulted in people losing their savings, pensions and even homes in some of the worst cases. When a slick sales rep plies you with alcohol and flashes brochures of gorgeous holiday resorts, adding promises that you’ll be able to get away whenever you want to any part of the world, it’s not difficult to be sucked in.

Timeshare Help has a huge list of clients who would ordinarily be unconvinced by the sales pitch but for one reason or another, agreed to sign a timeshare contract without the possibility of cancellation.

The few who do attempt a timeshare contract cancellation within the cooling off period are told that it is not possible to do so for various reasons. Perhaps the person in charge of timeshare contract cancellations is ‘on holiday’ so you’re passed around from person to person with no results. Or perhaps you send your cancellation documents to the club but they deny receipt.

These are both tactics we have heard numerous times here at Timeshare Help.

This is why we have taken on timeshare contract cancellations as our mission. We want to help as many people get out of these binding contracts as possible.

What if you could have your timeshare maintenance contract and finance agreement terminated? What if you could claim your money back?

What if you were free to live your life without that worry in the back of your mind?

It is possible. Timeshare Help wants to make it happen for you.

We have a vendetta against timeshare clubs which produce unfair contracts, favouring them only. We value fairness. If you want us to help you, call us today.