Timeshare clubs' reactions to termination

As may be expected, timeshare clubs do not want to lose your business. So when they are confronted with a letter informing them of the termination of your maintenance contract, they will often ignore it.

Or perhaps they might start offering you all the things they should have provided you with during the period of your ownership.

When a club ignores our lawyers’ letter of termination, this is because they do not want to agree with our complaint. If they do agree, this would mean that they have admitted some degree of liability.

This is something they will not do since it gives us the opportunity to present this admission to your UK finance provider or credit card company as proof of misrepresentation. This obviously helps us in getting you out of your timeshare nightmare.

Most Timeshare Help clients were offered finance through high profile UK banks by the timeshare sales representatives at the point of sale. This is done for a reason. If a potential buyer thinks it is done through a reputable bank, they will of course be more likely to purchase the timeshare.

These banks are responsible for offering the timeshare companies finance solutions. If the timeshare club admitted its liability, it would likely result in the bank getting the money back from the club and ending the offer of any future finance. This would mean the club would potentially lose millions in lost revenue.

Since the timeshare companies are only interested in making money through whatever means necessary, they will not be willing to have this happen.

Timeshare Help has heard a number of complaints that the clubs have attempted to confuse and upset clients following the receipt of our lawyers’ letter of termination. They do this to try to get you to keep paying your maintenance contract fees.

After the process of terminating maintenance contracts has begun, Timeshare Help clients have informed us that their clubs have suddenly got in touch to tell them they can help with any complaint they may have. They have also been known to offer free holidays or even to cancel the maintenance contract we are already terminating.

Others will tell clients that they are not allowed to terminate their maintenance contract or that our lawyers are not authorised to communicate with them on our clients’ behalf.

These are just some of the tactics used by timeshare clubs to keep you paying that annual fee. If you are fed up with these underhanded techniques, we want to help you since we don’t think it’s fair either.

If you have had any of this happen to you, we can reassure you that it is not unusual. We are experienced in dealing with this behaviour so it won’t impact our activities in the slightest.

Our professional team does not bow to pressure from timeshare companies since we are committed to helping people get out of these binding contracts.

If you are stuck with a timeshare ownership and maintenance contract you can’t keep paying, call Timeshare Help today.