Timeshare trial membership

The latest trick being peddled by timeshare companies is the idea of a trial membership. Clubs are now using it as a way of convincing you to upgrade to a full membership.

A timeshare trial membership does not feature any maintenance contract fees so you are not exposed to the true cost of owning a timeshare.

But it is just another way for the clubs to hook you into wanting to sign up.

You might be offered a 3-year trial membership, which you might very much enjoy. Why wouldn’t you? It sounds like a lovely idea – getting away to the sun and sea with quality accommodation and a friendly timeshare club. You have no trouble booking and can have a great holiday when you want.

While you’re on your holiday, the club will ask you to simply attend a short presentation.

When you’re there, the selling begins. However, it is now actually easier to convince you to upgrade to a full timeshare contract. This is because you’ve experienced all the good things about ownership. You’re told that upgrading will get you cheaper flights, that your timeshare will only increase in value and that you’ll be able to sell it back to the club when your ownership is over.

You find yourself thinking the sales team is making a good case for buying a timeshare. So you sign up and they take a deposit.

Then you start to realise that perhaps the negative things people said about owning a timeshare are true. You can’t book your time away, even though you were able to when you had a trial membership.

You can’t get cheaper flights anywhere and have heard from other owners that they can’t hand their timeshare back or even get out of their contracts. And you certainly weren’t used to paying the annual maintenance fees, which could sometimes be as high as £2,000 and have to be paid regardless of whether you can use your timeshare.

This is when timeshare begins to lose its shine.

Instead of dealing with your complaints, your club refuses to acknowledge any issues you may have or, in some cases, even speak to you. And then you start to look at ways of getting out of your timeshare contract. But you can’t.

Your timeshare club has included so many clauses in your contract that you are stuck paying annual maintenance contract fees forever and cannot find a way to be released.

Timeshare Help has already assisted hundreds of people in getting out of their maintenance contracts as well as making no win no fee claims for their money back.

If you want to find out whether we could win your money back on a no win no fee claim as well as terminate your maintenance contract, contact Timeshare Help.

You could take on one or both of our services, depending on your needs. Some clients want to terminate their maintenance contracts only, for a set fee, or make a no win no fee claim.

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