Value of timeshare points

If you are paying a maintenance contract for a points club timeshare membership, you will likely be throwing your money away. As with most timeshare, owning these points can be like owning nothing.

Points – favoured by clubs such as Diamond Resorts – have little value in reality. Although it may sound like you have a lot, it costs even more to actually go away anywhere decent.

We know of a huge number of people who have used their points one year and then been left without enough to book a holiday for up to 4 years following that.

You may have wonderful plans for a great holiday but once your points have been used, you may have to wait a long while for another one. And that is if you are even able to book the first holiday.

Because you don’t have a fixed week, your points can be used on any available time. You will likely be wanting to have a holiday during the summer which means that you’ll be competing for the best times and resorts against most other points owners.

There are thousands of people trying to get the same time away at the same place. As we have heard from Timeshare Help clients, these holidays are almost impossible to book. They are always taken before most people get around to trying to book.

When many Timeshare Help clients have tried to call their timeshare club to complain about the lack of availability, they are frequently told that they can secure their desired time away simply by upgrading their membership. This comes at a price, of course.

Timeshare points can offer some of the most uncertain holidays there are. You are never guaranteed the time that you would like to book.

If you think back to when you were sold your points membership, you were probably told that you would be able to get away whenever and wherever you wanted to. This amounts to a guarantee which has not been fulfilled.

Most people are sold on the idea of timeshare on the promise of guaranteed holidays. When this turns out to be untrue, people become disillusioned with the concept. They start looking for ways to get out of the contracts they signed under false pretences.

If you have a maintenance contract with your points ownership, Timeshare Help could be exactly who you need to help you get out of it. We could be able to terminate your maintenance contract in just a few short weeks. When this happens, you will never have to pay another maintenance fee again.

We are also capable of making claims for the money you have invested into your points ownership. We could win you back money which has essentially been thrown away on pointless ventures.

If you think you could benefit from our services, contact Timeshare Help today.