Maintenance contracts

We at Timeshare Help have previously discussed the issue of timeshare maintenance contracts. Often the main reason for people wanting to cancel a timeshare contract, maintenance contracts need much description.

Maintenance contract fees have to be paid every year regardless of whether the owner visits the resort. This fee, which has been known to cost up to £2,000 each year, is intended to be used on managing and maintaining the resort.

Maintenance contract fees have increased at far beyond the rate of inflation since 1997 and owners do not have any rights to protect them against such rises. In fact, not paying maintenance contract fees can result in legal action taken against the owners.

Timeshare companies will often let one or two years of non-payment pass until they hand over an owner’s details to a UK debt collection agency. This can result in harassment and huge worry for owners. The tactics used by timeshare companies are sometimes illegal but can result in owners being told that legal proceedings will begin and that they will then get a bad credit rating.

Some owners have been so concerned about this, they have moved home without telling the timeshare company concerned. However, good collection agencies can quite easily find the owner after the fact.

Other owners have transferred the timeshare into a fake name at a fake address. However, timeshare resorts now carry out checks to make sure that new owners are real. There are little ways out of maintenance contracts but Timeshare Help has the knowledge to cancel these agreements.

Shakespeare Classic Line Ltd even went as far as setting up a scam debt collection agency, called 4Closure, with the sole intent of scaring people into paying their already extortionate fees. This firm also threatened owners with legal action if they didn’t pay a further £2,900 to buy themselves out of their timeshare contracts.

This act of extortion is nothing unusual for timeshare companies. A huge number of resorts have told owners that they needed to pay a certain amount or they would be taken to court for not paying their maintenance contract fees.

Other timeshare resorts have simply added fees on the maintenance contracts, often without explanation. Timeshare Help has seen reports that these are up to £1,000. Those resorts who do explain what they are for claim they will be used for things like refurbishment. These additional fees are often imposed when other owners have not paid their maintenance contract fees.

Since there is little legal protection when it comes to maintenance contracts fees, timeshare owners may feel that they have no options. Non-payment can result in legal action or intimidating men turning up on doorsteps, but Timeshare Help has the knowledge to help you cancel your timeshare contract.

We are often the only way out of these binding and extreme charges. Talking to us is free so get in touch today to see if we can help you. If you’re worried about what might happen, we could reassure you and help you see an end point.